Friday, March 27, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #323

Hi everyone!   I'll be up a little late today with my fave five blessings for the week.  I just am totally mixed up in my days this week.  Here's the link so that you all can get started.  See you in a couple of hours!

Whew, back again.  I don't know what's with me this week but I am totally mixed up in what day it is.  I think it's because I've got way too many plates spinning at the moment.  But that is the perfect time to pause and to take note of the blessings of the week or they might just slip right on by.  Join in with me!

1. Bittersweet party.  I mentioned last week that my dear friend is moving away.  Well this is her last week and the ladies study group had a little pot luck party to celebrate the times we've had with her and the new adventures her and her family will be taking.  It was a sweet couple of hours.  To me it was a real blessing to watch this wonderful group of ladies who have come together from so many varied backgrounds.  On paper, we probably would not be good friends.  But the desire to grow in our walk with the Lord has brought us together and knit our hearts.  The support and love that was shown to the one leaving us was lovely to see.  And do I even need to mention yummy food?

2.  Dinner and movie night at another good friends.  And turkey dinner no less...that was cooked for us!  Delicious!  Fun conversation where we could relax and be ourselves until it was ready topped off with watching a good movie was a fun night on the weekend for us.  I'm thankful for the friends God has brought into our lives at this time.

3.  No cook Sunday.  Above friends don't do leftovers, so the entire turkey dinner leftovers was sent home with us.  Which meant dinner was all ready and just needed to be warmed up after church on Sunday!  I love to cook but sometimes Sundays are such a rush.  We're all starving by the time we get home from church so it was really nice to have it practically on the table when we got home.

4.  Birds singing.  There have been lots of birds vocalizing the coming of spring!  One day my friend and I who both love birds sat mesmerized and watched 2 doves cooing, a family of blue jays squawking and a whole murmuration of starlings visiting my backyard all at the same time. Yes, murmuration is the official name of a flock of starlings. In the 22 years I've lived here I've never witnessed them in my yard all at the same time.   Oh those starlings sing and chatter amongst themselves.  There is tons of them and they make quite the lovely commotion!  We oohed and aahed for a few minutes before it occured to me to get the camera.   Of course, by the time I ran to get the camera the doves had hid in the neighbor's pine trees, the jays were joining them and the starlings were spooked and took off.  I'll just have to satisfied with the memory of the special moment!

5.  Winter clothes gone, spring clothes out.  In the time my1950's home was built, walk in closets were unheard of so I must pack some of the seasonal stuff away.  In a moment of motivation I got all the fall and winter stuff taken out, washed and put away and the spring summer stuff unpacked, freshened and moved forward in closets and drawers.  Big job done!!  That is a blessing!  Spring now has to fully show up...right?

What were your favorite things from this past week?

P.S.  Nicole from GoLightly Place if you happen to come back to visit, I am so sorry but I cannot comment on the format used by your blog and I couldn't find a "contact me" button on your site. Replying to your comment when it came into my email didn't work either, I don't think.   I'm not ignoring your lovely comment from last time, I just couldn't find a way to leave one with you.  :( 


Monica said...

These all sound ike wonderful things this week. Sorry your friend is moving away! I'm glad you have another close by! :)

ellen b said...

Good morning Susanne! So good to read over your favorites this week. I'm glad your dear friend had a lovely send-off. That is quite a job to freshen up the closets! Birds singing and cook free days are wonderful. Have a great weekend!

Faith said...

awesome list! yay for putting away the winter clothing. I have only put away my heaviest sweaters because temps are still hovering in the high 30s/low 40s here ( f). enjoy the weekend Susanne!!

Gattina said...

It looks as if you had a nice week except the bitter sweet party !
Ever since I put my thick pullovers away it is cold again ! Winter seems to never end !

Barbara H. said...

Putting away winter clothes made my list today, too. All those dark colors that seem cozy and warm in the fall just seem heavy now. I love the lighter colors and fabrics of spring clothes.

So sad when a friend has to move away. Glad you all were able to give her a good sendoff.

We hear all kinds of birds but I don't know which is which. I could probably go to youtube and find some different bird vocalizations. That is how I learned that what I thought was an owl sound was actually a mourning dove.

I have a sister who doesn't do leftovers, either - I love them! How neat of your hosts to send turkey dinner leftovers home. Sunday is one of the best days to have a meal that just needs warming and leaves more time to rest in the afternoon.

I have trouble commenting on Paula's blog - I don't remember the name of it but she participates in FFF sometimes. I haven't quite figured out a way to let her know - don't know if others have trouble or if it is just something with my computer.

Snowbird said...

Sorry to hear your friend is leaving, that meeting sounded like a marvelous send off. How fun to have all those birds singing in your garden at once!!!xxx

Willow said...

Hurray for the seasonal clothes swap! Spring really is here if you've done that.
Leftovers? Yum. At our house we labeled them 'planned overs'.

Deb J. in Utah said...

Sounds like a great week! We love left-overs at our house. Turkey left overs sound like a great Sunday dinner. Sounds like you have been busy and enjoying life. Have a great week.

nikkipolani said...

I've also known some folks who don't do left overs. I can't quite fathom it. My refrigerator right now is chock full due to some extra meals in and out with family in town. Glad you had some great meals with dear friends.

Hurray for the coming of spring and springy clothes! I know snow can come in the midst of your spring or summer, but I'm sure it feels good to pack the winter clothes.

susan said...

It sounds like you so much to be thankful for! I like the no cook Sunday. Like you, I love to cook but love a day off.

Jerralea said...

I have no walk in closets either ... and I find it disconcerting that Canadians are bringing out their spring clothes and this Illinoisan has not even thought about it ... LOL

It is so sad to see friends go, but if it has to be done, a great party helps!