Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday's Fave Five #321

Whoa, is it Friday already?  I feel like I didn't just lose an hour with Daylight Saving Time but my week has slipped away too.  On weeks like this is when I doubly appreciate FFF so that I can take a pause and recognize the good things in life that God brings me.  Join on in with me.

1.  Getting Crafty.  I'm not a person who does a whole lot of crafting other than preschool crafts.  I sorta always wish I was but it doesn't happen.   But when I saw this on pinterest, I recruited my good friend, who loves to do wreaths into guiding me through it.  It was a fun way to spend an hour or so (especially because she brought along a Blossoming Peach Tea Latte from Starbucks.  I am seriously getting addicted to that stuff).  I'm soaking in whatever time I have with her as she's moving a province away at the end of the month.   I learned a few things, and what do you know?  It actually worked.  

2.  Crown prep done.  No not the crown that goes on one's head, I wish,  but the kind the dentist does. I was not looking forward to it.  It's a long appointment, an hour and a half of laying back with your jaw open.  But the appointment isn't my favorite, it's the fact that it is over and done with!

3.  Inspirational movie.  The ladies from study and I went to see a great inspirational documentary about a pastor in South Korea who saves abandoned babies.  It's called The Drop Box and it was a beautiful story of recognizing the value of every life and that every life has a purpose given by God.  There was so much to take away from this pastor and his wife's story.

4.  Psalm 31.  Just sorta been camping out in the Psalm a bit.  It is so rich and there is so much to get out of it.

5.  Weekend walks with Hubby and the pooch.  It has been lovely weather here, albiet a bit on the windy side some days, but on the weekend it was perfect for taking a walk outside.  I am so glad that spring is coming upon us.  Taking walks with my hubby and furbaby  is always a favorite with me.

What have been good things in your life this last week?


Gattina said...

That Easter cross is very beautiful, what a nice decoration ! We have "Drop boxes" here in Belgium too, they are called "Baby drawers" which allows young mothers to anonymously give away their babies in a safe place instead of dropping them off in front of a hospital, a station or whatever.

LivingforGod said...

Beautiful (both you and the cross)! I've heard many good things about The Drop Box and hope to get a DVD (when it comes out). I also love reading Psalm. You might be interested in The Psalms Project (they put Psalms into music): .

Have a wonderful weekend and enjoy your walks!

Faith said...

oh praise the Lord that spring has sprung here too!! I LOVE outdoor workouts!! gorgeous Pinterest craft! if I mail you a starbucks latte will you make me one?!😛 the movie sounds great...I have a couple documentaries set aside on my Netflix list to watch. I'll have to look for this! have a wonderful weekend Susanne!

Faith said...

oops....lim don't think the links thing worked for me...did it from,iPad ...sorry!

Paula said...

Your cross wreath looks lovely. That looks like something that I might actually be able to do; I'm SO NOT a crafty girl. I'm glad that you have been able to get outside and enjoy some fresh air and exercise. Have a delightful weekend!

Barbara H. said...

Love the cross you made! I hadn't seen that before.

I had a similar fave about all the appointments for a dental bridge being done with finally.

I had seen an article and shorter video about the Drop Box but hadn't known it was made into a longer film. Amazing ministry - not just that he takes in "unwanted" children but that he also takes care of them.

Willow said...

I've heard great things about The Drop Box and hope to see it soon. It was in our area in a theater but I didn't know until the last day.

Getting out for walks after all your snow this winter must be a daily fave!

Jerralea said...

Love to see a Pinterest idea come to life. Looks great!

The Drop Box sounds interesting!

I love walks, too, especially in the Spring.

Susan said...

Oh, wow, your cross wreath is adorable. I would love to make something like this for the classroom doors at church. Thanks for the idea.

So glad your dental work is done, Susanne. Going to the dentist isn't my favourite thing either.

Have a lovely weekend.

Ann said...

I've got crown issues also - have to have a root canal next week, then a crown soon after that. With you on that, sister!!

ellen b said...

What a great photo of you and your craft, Susanne! Love your Easter Cross!

Kathie said...

That's a beautiful Easter cross/wreath Susanne -well done! I was doing crafts this week too - with Josie :)

I watched a long interview of that pastor (with English subtitles)on youtube. Amazing! I really hope the documentary comes our way too.

It doesn't look like spring here in the Maritimes - although we have lots of subtle signs. Along with the snow... Good thing it's so beautiful - it's actually been stunning with gorgeous sunrises and sunsets - so so pretty. Otherwise we'd all move south - haha!

happy weekend!

nikkipolani said...

Fridays have a way of sneaking up, don't they?? I love the look of the craft you made. And it came with your favorite drink? Bonus!

So glad you all have had nice weather and that spring has finally sprung.

Karen said...

I really need to try one of the Peach Tea Lattes. The cross wreath is beautiful! It's fun to have a friend to do crafts with.

I need to quit being lazy and start going for walks with my hubby. He's so good about taking the dog out, I really should go with him, it would do me worlds of good.

Glad that Spring has come your way! Enjoy the weekend, Susanne.