Friday, September 19, 2014

Friday's Fave Five #299

It's Friday's Fave Five time!  And I am here.  Whew.  It was a little bit insane last week and my brain was totally fried.  But this week I'm refreshed and ready again to join right in.  Please join in with us recognizing and taking note of our blessings from over the week.

1.  My first is my most obvious from last weekend.  I passed the First Aid course!  I was so relieved to have gotten that out of the way for my job.  But really it is such a good thing for anyone to have whether they need it for their job or not.  I can now hook any of ya up to a defibrillator and zap ya if you should need it.  Really, I can.  But in all seriousness anything can happen at any time and rather than go into a deer in headlights panic, I at least feel confident enough that I have a bit of knowledge that I won't be totally lost.  And it's really amazing how stuff starts to come back to ya when you start to relearn it.  I took a first aid course many years ago in college, and there was quite a bit of it that I retained and was able to recall as we were going over it.

2.  The weather.  After the weather having a little tantrum last week and throwing crazy snow around southern Alberta we are back up to summertime temps this week.  Today was 10* celcius above our average temps for this day.  Yesterday was 29*C (84*F).   Yeah I know this is because I packed all my tank tops away and took out the fall sweaters, but regardless I am enjoying it.

3.  Supper cooked for me by my youngest.  At 19 1/2 she is starting to offer to cook supper once in awhile when she has a day off.  And last night she hit it out of the park.  Hummus crusted chicken breasts, brown rice and salad.  It was sooooo good.  It was so nice to walk in after a long day of work and a good workout at the gym to the delicious smell coming out of the kitchen.  She didn't let me help at all.

4.  Operation Christmas Child season kicking into gear.  And to help me get into the mode I am reading this book that my hubby bought me.  What a blessing it is to read of this great ministry to children all over the world.  I've supported them since I first heard of them in the '90's and have just gotten more excited about it over the years.  This book is their story, their history and roots, and wonderful stories of how the shoeboxes have touched children and their families the world over.  Be warned though, this book is best read with a big ol' box of tissues close by as it will grab your heart and squeeze it continuously.

5.  A sweet hubby who took me out to celebrate my first aid accomplishment.  A nice dinner with a pretty special guy was my reward when the course was done and I had passed.  

What were your favorite blessings from the week?  


Willow said...

Again, congratulations on passing your test! If I need that defibrillator, I yell for you.
I wouldn't mind borrowing your girl, too, to cook a few meals.
Our weather cooled down a bit today--a welcome relief.

Gattina said...

That's very nice that you did this course ! Can always be helpful ! We also have a crazy weather ! From 11° in August we are now up to 27° mid September, quite unusual !

nikkipolani said...

Congrats on completing the course and feeling more confident in case of an emergency!

Now that you mention 84F, we are dropping to those numbers today after several days in the 100s so we are thankful, too ;-)

Lovely of your loved ones to cook for you and celebrate with you.

Ann said...

We do Operation Christmas Child also. I'm trying to help a friend who wants to fill 500 boxes this year!! Takes a lot of involvement by a lot of people!! Congratulations on that and on completing your course.

Kathie said...

Congratulations Susanne!! Some very good skills to have.

Delicious looking supper - congrats to your girl.Cooking skills are handy too :)

I think I'll let our church librarian know about that book - we also do OCC and I'm sure people would like to read about it.

we heard all about the crazy snow and all the trees down - that's not the least funny especially after last winter!

I've been on a blogging hiatus but I'm very glad to be back this week. And look at those numbers - 300 next week - wow!! I think you might need to celebrate ;)

Faith said...

We do OCC too!!! I'm gonna look for that book! Can I borrow your daughter? 😄 that dinner looks great!! Congrats again on your accomplishment and yay for hubby treating ya right!!!

Barbara H. said...

I had some of the same feelings when I took a free infant CPR class the NICU that Timothy was in offered. Though the charts and instructions are easy to follow, it helps to actually go through the process and feel more confident if he should need it - which I hope he never does!!!

How wonderful to have a daughter that cooks sometimes! That looks great!

ellen b. said...

Passing courses and then the bonus of celebrating the accomplishment is great!!

Jerralea said...

I wasn't able to post an FFF this week but wanted to come by and see what is going on at Living to Tell the Story.

Congrats on passing your course! It's definitely a smart idea to be prepared for emergency.

It's a great blessing to have thoughtful family - kudos for your daughter fixing the meal, and to hubby for taking you out!

Paula said...

Congratulations on passing your first aid test! You never know when that information might come in handy. What a blessing that your daughter wanted to prepare a meal for you! I haven't posted my FFF for a couple of weeks but hope to join in again soon. :)