Monday, December 02, 2013

The Season has Begun

Friday night was the Ladie's Christmas party at church.  This is the event that always kicks off the Christmas season for me.  Black Friday shopping?  No way, give me the party instead!

What a wonderful evening it was.  It's a real outreach for the ladies of our church and there are many, many guests that come.  It's a casual, fun evening that still focuses on the reason for this special season, Jesus!  We hold a silent auction for poverty relief both locally and abroad, have a few booths to shop at who's owners do it to raise money for a charity, take an offering for a charitable organization, have lots and lots of door prizes, lots and lots of food, and lots of laughs.  This year once again, a friendly competition was held for a couple of pairs of gorgeous high heeled shoes.  It the shoes were your size you were invited to come on up on stage and compete in a well chosen minute to win it game.  Lots of laughs.  And some pretty competitive ladies we have apparently when it comes to hot shoes.  And when all that settles down, we have a special speaker who puts our focus back onto why we have this holiday to begin with.  This year the speaker was the director of the Bible college T. attends so she brought T. with her.  Such a sweet thing for her to do and I soaked up every second with my girl.  I had been feeling quite sad thinking that this would be the first Christmas party I would go to without her so it was extra special to have her there.  She didn't win the shoes, though.  Bummer.  She's gonna have to practice up on her minute to win it skills for next year.

Unfortunately, after this event because there is so much work to do beforehand, and then the adrenaline rush of being the door prize giver, it takes me a few days to recover.  Seriously.  Today I'm still dragging and it's blizzarding, so it's going to be an easy going day in dayhome.  Now where did I put the can of  hot chocolate?


nikkipolani said...

What a sweet photo of the two of you! Even though the time was short, I'm glad you had some moments together. And it sounds like the event was a huge success!

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a great party in every respect! So glad your daughter could be there - love the photo! I know what you mean about events taking a few days to recover from. I saw your pictures of snow on another post - hope you can have a peaceful day at home.

Faith said...

WOW that sounds like it was a fantastic party! and your photo!!!! Your beautiful daughter has your exact same smile.....gorgeous!!! all are getting the white stuff? we are supposed to see a temp of 55 tomorrow! it's a heat wave compared to last week!1 LOl