Friday, September 20, 2013

Friday's Fave Five #250

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  The last one of summer 2013.  It's hard to believe that another summer has come and gone and fall is now upon us.  Back to pants and socks, comfy sweaters and hoodies,  heaters kicking in and pumpkin spiced coffee!  Join with us as we look back over our week and find some blessings, big or small.  Guidelines are here if you'd like to do a FFF post and/or link up.

1.  Back to routine.  I love the laziness of and relaxed attitude of summer but I always look forward to the routine of fall.  I exist better in a routine, not a rigid one, but one with some expectations accomplished during the day.  I find the kids thrive better in some kind of routine too.  So love ya summer, but I'm glad you're here fall.

2.  Back to massages.  My massage therapist lady took the summer off after having major surgery and boy, of boy, did my neck and back feel it.  But now she's back and healthy and I had an awesome massage this week.  With my tight back and neck issues that stem from a car accident from when I was a kid, this definitely made my favorites for this week.

3.  Back to cooler evenings.  Love, love, love that the evenings are cooling off.

4.  Back to pumpkin spice lattes and chai tea lattes.  I love the warm, spicy flavors of fall.  Especially so in hot drinks.  Yummy.

5.  Back to a in-depth study at ladies group.  Summer is fun because we are much more casual because people come and go due to holidays.  We don't do an in-depth study and we focus more on the friendship aspect of our group and doing some fun things together.  Love that but I'm raring to go on cracking open the Word of God and studying something specific.

What were your favorite blessings from the week?



nikkipolani said...

Um, no socks for me, yet, thanks ;-) But with your crazy weather, I'm sure you keep socks and sweaters and umbrellas on hand year 'round!

Hurray for your therapist being available to you again.

I love your "back to" theme this week. So many good fall blessings.

Willow said...

OH, how I get the 'back to routine'. Although I'm not into wearing socks yet, I did treat myself to a pumpkin spice (soy) latte. AND I'm back in my Bible Study and loving it. I'm glad you are enjoying yours.

Gattina said...

I am very happy that this dammit school holidays are over, I am on holidays the whole year, but during July and August no activities at all my classes do school holidays too with students from 55 to 100, lol ! And as we prefer to travel outside high season we are all bored during school holidays ! I am sad that summer is over it should start right now !

Faith said...

I love your theme this week of "back to"! I love autumn because I can hike, although les time to do it cause of working again in school, but hiking in fall in NYS means no more steamy humidity and no more bugs!! Love Some pumpkin coffee but not all brands. And. I love pumpkin muffins!!! No sox for us yet either although this a.m I needed my fleece slippers when I got outta the a bit chilly! Enjoy the starts of autumn!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Sounds like you're back to a nice fall! Our cooler weather doesn't come till much later in Florida, but I look forward to that. Sounds like things are good, Susanne.

Have a great week ahead!

Lynette said...

Ditto to all 5 faves. Happy almost Fall season.

Hazel said...

Pumpkin spice - oh yummy! Cooler evenings are faves of mine too. Wonderful faves. Glad you have your massage therapist back.


Barbara H. said...

I know what you mean about routine. Much as I like free-form days, I do better with some structure, but not rigid schedules.

It has been nicely cool mornings and evenings here, too. Fall seems to be arriving early here this year - some leaves are changing already. I don't mind that except I don't want to have them fall off and leave the trees barren sooner.

I'm glad your massage lady and Bible study group are starting back up!

Kathie said...

250!!! Congrats Susanne! I'm running out the door - late late late for a fun afternoon with www gang. But I'll be back. Happy Friday everyone!

Unknown said...

Getting a massage is really nice but accidents aren't. When did you have that accident? I hope your therapies can heal you soon.


Monica said...

being a farmer our summers are not very laid back. I look forward to fall and winter for the rest from the spring and summer!
Oh yes, I could use a message myself!
I am having my first cup of coffee with pumpkin spice coffee creamer in the morning! Appropriate huh?
Praying your study goes well!

Snowbird said...

Your descriptions of all that spice zinging has me looking forward to autumn too. I wish we had a little warmth in the day even though.

Having an achy back at the mo has me wishing for a massage. Glad to hear your lady is back. xxxx

Ann said...

I enjoy the cooler evenings also. We can use our screened porch a lot more in the fall because the pollen is not nearly as bad as in the spring.

Kathie said...

You know me and summer by now!! Hate to see those beach days go but I do love autumn walks and all the gorgeous leafy vistas. It's nice to have everything kicking back into gear too. I'm especially looking forward to our Ladies Bible study and also our couples group - we're doing reason for God by Tim Keller. I need to go out and buy some chai tea - a latte sounds good!
So glad you got your massage in!