Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Fall Into Reading 2013

I was going to skip posting my fall reading list this year.  What's in my reading basket is always listed in my sidebar.  But I thought about it and realized, what was I thinking?!  This is one of my favorite things to do in the blogosphere.  I love making the the list, going through all the books I have stashed everywhere and scrolling through my library "for later" list,  trying to decide which ones I want to tackle.  After a summer of just picking books to read on a spontaneous whim, I'm ready to have a bit of a reading goal to tackle that huge pile I have exploding out of my closet.  I really have to quite purchasing books at second hand sales!  But that's a whole other post.  This is about the ones I've chosen for this fall's reads.   I've chosen 10 out of my book basket and a couple I already had signed out from the library.  Into the mix will also be added a study book for my ladies bible study and any review books I decide to take on.  I might not make it through the whole list but I'm sure going to try.  Fall Into Reading is hosted by Sandra at Musings of a Book Addict.  If you'd like to join in the fun and link up with your own reading list that post is here!  

As usual, I try to stick to my list.  That's one of the points of Fall Into Reading for me, is to have some kind of goal, to get through these specific reads but some may be switched out with opportunities for good review books when they come along.

"The Restoration Artist" by Lewis Desoto.   Leo Millar is a young painter in Paris with a beautiful wife and son and a thriving career.  But in one terrible moment it is all taken away.  Oversome by guilt and despair, he flees to a tiny rugged island off the coast of Normandy.  When a strange, damaged child enters his life, he has a chance to move beyond his own losses and find a new definition of love and the restoration of hope.

"Almost forever, Forever After, After All ~ the Hanover Falls series" by Deborah Raney.  A series about firefighters and their loved ones.

"The Man Who Quit Money" by Mark Sundeen.  I'd vaguely heard about this guy and saw the book at the library so nabbed it.  Sorta interested in how this fellow accomplishes living his life absolutely without any money.  We'll see if I can make it through to the end.  I'm hoping it's not going to be a dry read.

"Straight Up" by Lisa Samson.  This ones been in my book basket for a while and other books have buried it.  But I dug it out and am looking forward to finally getting to it.  I've really enjoyed quite a few of this author's novels.

"Fault Lines" by Anne Rivers Siddons.  Story of a woman who has been emotionally taking care of her erratic actress sister, her doctor husband and her mother in law who has alzheimer's.  Already exhausted from taking care of these family members a new one is added to the list when her daughter runs away after a family quarrel.  Following her daughter to where she has gone, her actress aunt's house, Merritt hopes to heal her family.  On a road trip up the coastline the 3 will have to confront heir separate demons in order to save and change their lives.

"Cutting for Stone" by Abraham Verghese.   Story of twin brothers whose mother is a Indian nun and their father is a British surgeon.  They have a shared love of medicine and grow up during a time of revolution.

"My Life with George" by Judith Summers.  Another in my book basket that has made the list a couple of times now but I've never been able to get to it.  I am determined this time around!  Sort of a "Marley"  true story with a Cavelier King Charles Spaniel as the main character.

"Every Waking Moment" by Chris Fabry.  One of my favorite author's new novels, I put one on hold at the book store so I could have it as soon as it came.  About an ordinary  woman who works at an assisted care facility who has an extraordinary gift that the media gets wind of .  Now they start to search into her past and unravel some truths that cause her and those around her to to as if this is as good as life gets and if it is enough.

"Sweet Dreams" by Carla Stewart.   Another favorite author's new offering.  The story of two cousins who instead of pursuing dreams of college are required to attend finishing school instead.  They become fast friends until they both fall in love with the same man but when tragedy strikes what's really in their hearts and dreams will come to the surface.

"Sacred Marriage" by Gary Thomas.  Has been on my list for about a year or more now.  I am making my way through it but there is so much in it that it is a slow go as I think and ponder on it.  It's a very good book but challenging in it's thoughts.  Taking lots of prayerful musing.  I'm determined to finish it this time around, though probably will read it again at some point.

Whew, that's a big list for me.  Now I want to know, what are you reading this fall?


Barbara H. said...

I hadn't heard of anyone hosting this until I saw your post. I kind of miss it, too, but it's working out better for me to take it month by month with the Nightstand posts.

I don't think I have heard of any of these except Sacred Marriage. I am curious to know how the guy in the one book lives without money - looking forward to hearing what you think of that one.

Faith said...

oh a new Anne Rivers Siddons book? I've read a few of hers and have really enjoyed most of them. And the Cutting for Stone is one on MY list for sometime this year. I won't be officially participating in this anymore but you know I ALWAYS have a book going. or two. SacredMarriage was a tough one for me to get through. His other one, Sacred Pathways was much more interesting to me and I read it in just 3 days!! Enjoy the start of autumn and the cozy evenings to curl up with these good books!

Willow said...

I've heard of Daniel Suelo before and have read interviews with him. I'll be interested to know your perspective on him.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

...and where is Pearl?


Sandra Stiles said...

I have not heard of any of these books. They sound great. But,that is what is so wonderful about this challenge. It is laid back and you get a chance to see what others are reading and add to your TBR list. Have fun reading.

Kathie said...

I don't do this challenge - but I love to see what you and the others are reading. Gives me some great ideas. I just re-read Little Women - probably for the 25th time in my life. And now it's the grandmothering that stands out. Also reading a lot of Dallas Willard - he's deep but inspiring

Chris Morrison said...

You always have such an interesting list of books. Anxiously waiting to read the reviews you write! I'd like to read some of them myself.

nikkipolani said...

Quite a range of books, Susanne! I don't think I could stick to a list of books...

S said...

I agree with you Susanne, there is something about picking out a selection of books that is so much fun. Enjoy your choices - I've had Lisa Samson on my list, but have yet to pick up one of hers.

Jenny said...

Great list! You definitely can't go wrong with Deb Raney's books, and I've had my eye on Chris Fabry's book, too.

Blessings...and happy reading!