Wednesday, July 17, 2013

THE Trifle Recipe I Promised

Updated with where you can purchase a couple of the items at the bottom of the recipe

As I mentioned in an earlier post somewhere, ever since Kathie introduced me to the delicious trifle, I never cringe with dread when it falls to me to bring a dessert somewhere.  It's so easy for how delicious and easy they really are.  And they are so easy to play with and customize.  As evidenced by this recipe I came up with for Father's Day.  The secret to making it fit for a dad was the Butter Rum coffee syrup. (I used Torani brand
but any brand available in your area is just fine.)   Just enough to give it that something extra.  There was not a spoon left even though my bowl that I use is on the large side. It serves around 8-10.  If your trifle bowl is on the smaller side just cut the recipe in half.

Susanne's Berry Trifle with Lemon Curd Whipped Cream and Butter Rum Custard
(Living to Tell the Story original recipe)

-2 boxes Oeteker French vanilla pudding (Or any Brand vanilla pudding)
-4 cups milk
-1 jar lemon spread *
-2 cups whipping cream
-Oeteker whip cream stabilizer (optional, but really helps to keep your whip cream fluffy)
-2 Tbsp. Powdered sugar
-2 tsp. +  2 tsp.  Butter rum coffee syrup**
-1 container (I think it's a pint) blueberries
-2 containers  strawberries
- 1 container blackberries (you can use raspberries too if you don't like blackberries)
-2 store bought angel food cakes (pound cake may also be used)

Cut angel food cake into squares. 

Keeping the varieties of fruit separated, wash fruit.   Slice strawberries lengthwise in halves or thirds and place in small bowl.  Mix in 1 Tbsp. Sugar and  1 – 2 tsp of butter rum coffee syrup into the strawberries.

Mix pudding with milk according to package directions. Gently stir in the 2 tsp. Butter rum coffee syrup. (You may add more butter rum flavor as desired, though don't be heavy handed. You don't want overwhelming butter rum flavor, it should be subtle.)

Whip cream with 2 Tbsp. Powdered sugar and pkg of whip cream stabilizer until firm.  Gently fold in the jar of lemon spread.

Layer as follows: 

1/3 cake
half of lemon whip cream

1/3 cake
all of butter rum pudding

1/3 cake
second half of lemon whip cream

blackberries or raspberries to decorate

Refrigerate for at least a couple of hours.

Feel free to lick out the empty work bowls at this point!

*lemon spread is like a lemon curd and available in the jam section or you can make your own here
**coffee syrups are available in some grocery stores.  I buy mine at a local coffee shop. This particular brand is online using the link I gave.   Starbucks has some flavors, too.  Butter rum is especially suited to this but I'm guessing almost any boozy flavor would be good.


ellen b. said...

Looks and sounds delicious, Susanne!

Faith said...

WOW that looks decadent!!! to be ignorant but where does one buy butter rum coffee syrup?? i haven't seen anything like that around here. also, what is lemon spread? is that like jam? I would use the black berries and raspberries as am allergic to strawberries.

Paula said...

I would love a big bowl of it right now!

nikkipolani said...

Yum -- it sounds like a lovely combination of flavors and textures and is so pretty, too. I wonder how your trifle would ship... just kidding!