Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Crying "Uncle" over here!

This isn't exactly the pictures of my flowers that I've been wanting to show you

But this is where, more often than not, my flowers have been hiding out

We have had more thunderstorm watches and warnings with high wind and hail than I can ever remember

This was what the one the other night brought rolling in

We could hear it 5 minutes before it was really upon us.  
A constant rumble, like someone was rolling a big barrel down the street.
I've got to say I've never experienced anything like it.
I have to admit it was just a bit scary.
And it left this gift behind

The other end of town got it worse than us, they had to get their shovels out

Photo courtesy Global TV Brent Brooks

The third of these in a couple of weeks.
Between flood claims and hail damage claims insurance companies are a wee bit busy.
Southern Alberta would really like a bit of a break now, Mr. Weatherman.


ellen b. said...

Oh dear, you really have been hammered! I hope things stay calm for the rest of the summer!!

Barbara H. said...

Oh wow! We've had a lot of storms, but nothing like that. Hope all clears up soon!

nikkipolani said...

Ouch! I don't blame your flowers to be in hiding. It's summer in Alberta, I guess....

Faith said...

Well here in eastern (and central) New York State we are experiencing the same kind of thing!! and we are sooooo done with it! today...yet another grey hot and humid morning. Yesterday we woke to gorgeous perfect summer weather. and by 2 pm another bad thunderstorm with flash flooding rolled in. Let's start praying for DRY and SUNNY!! (but at least my town didn't get the hail!!) awesome pics you got!!

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

Wow, you guys need a break from all that bad weather! I hope your insurance rates don't go up as a result of all this. Our rates in Florida always shoot up after a hurricane.