Friday, June 07, 2013

Friday's Fave Five #246

Welcome everyone!   It's already Friday and that means a day to reflect and look back to find our favorite blessings over the last week!  This week just disappeared from under me, I haven't even posted!  Lots of work related busy stuff going on along with the normal day to day family stuff just absorbed the week.  But I know there are blessings that I need to pause and look at or they will just pass me by.  What about you?  Ready to find them and share?

1.  A new baby in dayhome transitioning in fairly well.  The first few weeks of twice a week attendance and I was really wondering if both she and I could handle this, but this last week she has just totally turned around and yesterday she actually came in the door smiling and no shrill, break your eardrums screaming crying whatsoever except when she was ready for bed.

2.  Series of Fear wrapped up at Sunday services this last week and I have to say I learned so much, was reminded of so much I knew but wasn't practicing and it just stirred me up into placing my trust in God once again.  I love when a message really speaks to what a lot of people might be going through and when it directly touches on things going on in my own heart.  I'll be looking over my notes on this one and continuing study on my own on this topic.

3.  An adventure in Chinese food.  We love going for Chinese food but we always tend to order the "Dinner for...".  So this week we went with friends and it was their treat and they ordered separate different dishes.  It was an adventure out of our usual as most of them we hadn't had before.  I love trying new things off of menus and it was delicious!  And the company was great.

4.  Sunshine!  Sweet warm sunshine after days of rain.  Yay, it's back outside with the kids to enjoy the lovely days we've been having.  My flowers are taking off and will actually be picture worthy this week.  Enjoying soaking as much of it as I can!

5.  End of "Breaking Free" bible study pot luck.  It was a great evening of good food, good laughs and I loved listening to how the study impacted different ladies in the church.  We all had a different story to tell of what they got out of the study or how the Lord had set them free.   I sure am going to miss going through an intense type of study with a great group of women.

What have been the good things from your week?  How has God brought blessing into your ordinary days?


Amy @ Hope Is the Word said...

That's great that your newest little one is finally adjusting. I know that would be hard to deal with if she didn't! Yippee for lots of good food and fellowship! :)

Thanks for hosting!

nikkipolani said...

So glad your ears are recovering and the baby adjusting.

Hoping you gain the insight and application you seek from your study inspired by the message series.

Barbara H. said...

I'm glad the new little one is finally adjusting well. I don't think I could take the ear-piercing screams so well in my "old age," not every day anyway.

It's neat to try new menu items as a group like that when you can sample different things.

The series and Bible study sound really good.

Willow said...

Sometimes it just takes awhile for the little one to adjust--glad it finally happened. You're a good and patient care provider.
Chinese dinner and fun night? Sounds great!
Have a good weekend, Susanne!

susan said...

How awesome that you got so such much out of your pastor's latest series. Learning to deal with fear is such a universal need. Maybe you'll share a tidbit or two?

Looking forward to seeing photos on how the sunshine has grown your plants. It is always fun to see how everyone's yard looks. It gives another clue to their personality.

Have a great weekend, Susanne

Snowbird said...

How lovely to have a babe to care for, although hard work I imagine. Delighted to hear the sun is shining! Long may it last.xxxx

Kathie said...

We've had our share of rain too - but it's bright sunshine today!

Glad babykins is finally adjusting. It must be so hard for them and you!

We had a great women's study this year too - we did Ann Voskamp's DVD. Everyone loved it and it really ministered.

Happy weekend Susanne - it's good to be back!

Mrs. C (Paula) said...

It takes a special person to work with little ones. I'm glad your newest is adjusting. I enjoy Chinese food, too, but we usually get takeout and order a variety.

Enjoy your weekend! :)

Faith said...

That is so wonderful about the little one in your daycare, Susanne! YAY for chinese food and fellowship with friends....and congrats on finishing up your Bible study group! Mine will be done in another week and then we're doing something a little less in-depth for summer....something light and fun! Enjoy the rest of the weekend....I'll be back for FFF next week!!

Mom24 said...

Glad the new baby is adjusting. I know how hard that is. I'm very afraid of what the baby I watch will be like when he comes back. He's 6 months now, so he'll be almost 9 months when he's back (though I will be watching him a few days over the summer, not consistently or often enough for him to stay 'in the groove'). I've put so much love into him, it will kill me if he struggles when he comes back.

I love trying new Chinese dishes, though I'm usually not brave enough to branch out.

Hope your weather continues to be nice so your kiddos can play outside, I know how nice that is.