Friday, June 28, 2013

Friday's Fave Five #239

Welcome to a lovely summer Friday.  It's going to be a hot day today, well hot for this area anyway.  So let's take this moment and look for our blessings from the last week and share 5 of them.  With all the flooding stuff happening here in Southern Alberta, I found my mind and eyes totally absorbed on the television for days so when I think back there are some things from the week before that didn't make the list simply because my mind was so onto something else.  So I'll share some of those this week, too.  So here we go.  Please join in.

1.  Father's Day Breakfast.  How I forgot this I don't know because it was darn delicious.  And it was nice to have the whole family together for Father's Day for the first time in years.  Because Oldest Daughter was here for a wedding she was also here to celebrate Father's Day.  We headed to a delicious breakfast place Hubby and I have tried before.  It was a treat to take the kid's there.  We all enjoy breakfast out.  This time I had the Eggs Benedict.  My mouth waters as I look at the picture.

  Soooo good.  Both my girls had raspberry crepes that were chock full of raspberries and had a delicious sweat cream sauce.  Yum.  Does this not look good?

 It was a wonderful way to celebrate their Dad.

2.  Celebrating Father's Day with my Dad, too.  He's getting up there in years.  And we've had our ups and downs.  But he's my Dad and I love him.  It was a blessing that we were still able to have Father's Day with him.

My brother-in-law cooked a wonderful steak dinner, my sis did the sides.  Yummy!  And I took dessert and it was delicious if I say so myself.  A berry trifle with Lemon Curd Whip Cream and Butter Rum pudding. I'll have to post the recipe this week.

3.  Unique Bouquet.  Hubby surprised me with this gorgeous bouquet for our 30th anniversary.  He said if we couldn't make it to Hawaii he'd bring a little Hawaii to me.  So sweet.  And so gorgeous!

4.  This quote on prayer by Max Lucado. 

What a freedom and blessing to know that it's not my efforts in prayer, or how loud I pray or the fancy words I may or may not use.  But it is the power of God who we pray to. 

5.  No rain on the days this week where I have a full house in dayhome.  Yay, I can get the kids outside where they can burn off all that energy.  And today is movie day.  So that means a nice quiet afternoon.

What are your favorites from the last week?  Thanks for joining in with me and the others who take this moment to look for good things.


nikkipolani said...

Great reminder in that quote, especially when there are so many burdens on our hearts.

Love your husband's creativity with the 30th bouquet. Maybe Hawaii some day soon!

Your Father's Day celebrations sound lovely -- togetherness, great food, and hopefully good memories for all. Hope you have a wonderful relaxing week. Sounds like you've earned it!

Gattina said...

What a nice picture of you in the middle of "your" men ! It's still raining here and as school is ending a catastrophe for the kids !

Paula said...

So glad you've been spared from the brunt of that nasty weather! What a sweet bouquet from your hubby! Father's Day memories with your two special men--definitely a blessing. Enjoy your weekend!

Kathie said...

It's been an awful week for your province Susanne - we've been watching all about it here too and remembering you in our prayers.

Love the shot with your dad and dh. Such a gift to still have him in your life. My dad died when I was 18.

Your dessert looks delicious. We love trifle so I'll be looking forward to the recipe.

And what a lovely bouquet - a creative hubby!

That's a wonderful quote on prayer - and such a powerful truth. Thanks!


Faith said...

Oh how I love the photo of you and your hubby with your dad! (and i like your hair cut!!). That breakfast menu!! I was scrolling down through it and told Dave we MUST go out to Alberta just to get to that restaurant!! love max lucado!

aspiritofsimplicity said...

What a lovely post suzanne. I love your flowers and your husband's sweet sentiment. Plenty of couples have made it to Hawaii but not made it through 30 years together. I think you got the better deal. Also, I wanted to say thank you for hosting this every week. I have looked through some of my past fff posts and realized how blessed I am. It's one of my very favorite weekly link ups.

Barbara H. said...

Those breakfast entrees look really nice!

I felt similarly about my dad when he was alive. Neat you got to celebrate with yours this year.

Lovely bouquet, lovelier sentiment.

Love that quote on prayer - so glad it's dependent on Him and not on how "well" we pray.

Glad you've had nice days when all the kids were there so they could play outside some. Movie day sounds wonderful - nice way to end the week!

Jerralea said...

That trifle looks so delicious! Please do share the recipe - I love trifles!

The flower arrangement from your hubby is gorgeous!

Thanks for sharing the Lucado quote. So comforting, and it really helps to no our prayers make a difference - despite how we feel.

Enjoy movie day!

Snowbird said...

Oh what a lovely post. How lovely that all the family got together. The meals are to die for and that bouquet is glorious!!! Delighted to hear you have had good weather.xxxx

Heather said...

That food looks SO yummy!!!! I am a sucker for desserts. I made Pudding Delight (whip cream,vanilla pudding,apples,and snickers candy bars) for tonight's home school Mom's Night Out.

That's great you got to spend Father's Day with your Dad. I love being able to see mine.

I love flowers! Those are so pretty! I have been keeping some on the table each week.

susan said...

We had an opposite praise this week: I was thankful FOR rain and you were thankful for NO rain. And I am glad to hear that y'all didn't have it.

Looking forward to your trifle recipe, Susanne.

Thanks for the quote. I really needed to read it right now.

ellen b. said...

Love seeing the photo of you with your dad! I'm stealing that quote...