Thursday, June 13, 2013

A Wee Bit on the Hectic Side Around Here

It has been one crazy, busy, full week so far.  Let's just look over what's happening here at Living To Tell household.

  • K. (Oldest Daughter) is home for the week.  Yay!  
  • She's a bridesmaid in her friend's wedding this weekend so she's super busy and I'm not going to see her as much as I'd like.  Sigh.
  • She came down with a fever the other night so has been camped on my couch for 2 days.  Oy.
  • She brought T's (Younger Sister) friend down with her for a visit so we have company for the whole week.  Yay for T!
  • J. (Middle son) is on his home rotation from his job as a medic on the rigs.  Yay!
  • Every bedroom is in use in the house as is the sofa bed.  Oy.
  • Dayhome has been running at full house this week.  Oy.
  • It has been raining.  Sigh.
  • Which means we're all stuck inside.  Oy.
  • Babies have been teething.  Oy.
  • Playroom and craft room is inaccessible until said company and visiting daughter wake up as those rooms all interconnect.  Oy.
  • Dayhome kids are starting to bounce off the walls. Double  Oy.
  • I took next Monday and Tuesday off.  Yay!
  • Tuesday is our 30th Anniversary.  Yay!
So that about sums it up and I have to go because the kids are knocking at the door.  Off I go!


Barbara H. said...

Definitely hectic! We'll be experiencing the same next week when family comes to visit. Hope all goes as smoothly as possible and you enjoy the visits. Hang in there til you can crash on Monday! :-)

nikkipolani said...

I love that regular rotation of sighing and exclaiming. May you survive your interesting times -- and happy anniversary!!!

Mom24 said...

that sounds absolutely insane! Hope you can enjoy your daughter and your company. Good luck with the teething and congratulations on your anniversary.

ellen b. said...

Oh boy and double oye! You really are crammed to the full. Glad you have days off next week to look forward to!!

Faith said...

This is so great. and you know what?? (we really MUST meet in person some day before heaven!!!!!!! we are so much alike!!) I started a post like this last night!!!!!! in fact, I came home from work, after ANOTHER day of pouring rain, to sit with a large mug of coffee and finish my post and saw yours when i signed on and then got distracted by other blogs! LOL....i guess I should go finish mine. It is soooo similar to yours here!! so funny.....

Willow said...

Crazy! Your life makes my life sound very dull and boring. Not that I'm complaining... :)

Sandra said...

Oh goodness, you sure have a busy crazy life LOL I am glad you're taking a few days off to relax and recharge :)