Friday, May 31, 2013

Friday's Fave Five #245

Welcome everyone to a very damp, drizzly, rainy Friday.  Lots of rain this week, but that hasn't dampened my spirits for looking back over the week to find some good things, blessing from God!  Please join in with me.  Guidelines are linked in my sidebar if you've never read them, then just jump right in.

1.  Every heard of a Corpse Flower?  Neither did I, but this article totally fascinated me!  You'll never guess why they call it that.

Photo courtesy of  Wikipedia

Who knew there was such a flower, a giant both in size and smell?  Apparently there is one in Edmonton, the capital of Alberta, and wherever they have one, thousands of people go to see it because it is so rare for it to bloom.  I'm so going to have to get on their website and watch for a bloom.  It might just be worth the long drive to say I saw one.  The smelling of it, though, might be debatable.  I might forgo that, if at all possible.  I've read to take a gas mask if you have one available.

2.   Hard working guy.   There was some bigger rain fall predictions made last week, and though we did get a good rain it wasn't a torrent or continuous for days on end.  And it's a good thing because as I was getting something out of the fridge I felt a big splop of water on my head.  I looked up and lo and behold our light fixture was "crying".  All over the new laminate floor.   Aaargh, we had a leak. So dear Hubby, got up into the attic, which is no small feat in this house.  The access is in the roof of my closet.  I do not have a walk-in closet.  It is a normal, fairly small double door closet.  Anyway, the hard working guy got up there to find where the leak was coming from and then up onto the roof in the rain to try and fix that leak.  So thankful for his willingness to do the tough stuff around the house.

3.  Family Birthday celebrations.  I admit.  I love a good celebration, whether it be big or small.  There is something about celebrating a person and making them feel special that just makes me happy.

4.  Breakfast out.  I love eating breakfast out.  I consider it a real treat.  I'm normally not a big breakfast person and usually the only breakfasts we eat out are when on holidays and even those not so much anymore since a lot of hotels include some type of breakfast with your stay.  So when Hubby suggested a new breakfast restaurant in town I hadn't tried yet I was all over that!  Oh, the choices they had.  I wanted one of everything but finally settled on 1990's Harvest breakfast:  cinnamon raisin brioche bun french toast with an egg and bacon.  It arrived with a ton of fresh fruit on the side.  Bananas, cantaloupe, strawberries, orange slices, kiwi.  So much fruit, I had to ask Hubby to help me finish it.    And some of the best coffee we've had in a restaurant.   My mouth is watering all over again just thinking about it.


5.  The fact that it is, indeed, Friday!  Whew, it's been a non-stop full week and I'm really, really glad it's Friday.  Even though rain is still on the agenda according to the weatherman, I don't care.  It's Friday!

What were your favorite blessings from the week?


nikkipolani said...

Ooh, you've got me all ready for breakfast! Sounds like a great place for breakfast. And good coffee too? Perfect. I'm sorry you've had rain and leaks but perhaps it's better than snow. So good to have your wonderful helpful husband.

Willow said...

Good coffee?? Oh yeah!
Oopsie on the leak--your man is definitely a handy-man.
The corpse flower? Ewww. I read the article and think that I'll pass on visiting even though I'll be in Ohio next month.
Have a happy weekend--more breakfasts out??

Gattina said...

Poor you ! a leaking roof is awful, we had that once too and water dribbled in the living room !
I can't eat these huge breakfasts in the morning but during our tour around the UK I had to eat ! But I limited it to a little scrambled egg and a few croissants with jam.

Mrs. C said...

We've had a little bit of rain this week; just enough to keep the grass green. That plate of food has my tummy rumbling right now! :)

Faith said...

I love me a good cup of coffee....but you already know that, right?? :) and yay for that breakfast!! OMGOSH that fruit looks amazing!! Leaks are no fun....we dealt with that after Hurricane Irene tore thru our part of NYS. YAY for Fridays and I also wrote about birthday celebrations!!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

My guy is always willing to do the tough jobs around the house, too. Love that. I've heard of that flower before but have never seen one. I just LOVE eating breakfast out -- it's a real treat for me, too!

Hope you have a great week ahead, Susanne.

Barbara H. said...

That breakfast sounds great. Think I'll pass on the flower. :-)

I'm blessed with a hard=working guy, too - and that reminds me of a bonus I need to add to my FFF.

Friday is always a favorite, but I know what you mean about especially appreciating it some weeks.

I love birthday celebrations, too!

ellen b said...

That flower is scary lookin! :)
It's wonderful to have a husband that doesn't shy away from hard work!
Birthdays and breakfast out...two great things I enjoy.
This has been our short week because of our Monday holiday but I'm still thinking the week was long...
I can finally participate this week and I'm looking forward to making the rounds to see what's happening with other participants. Blessings.

Snowbird said...

Ah! God bless hubby saving the day!

I too love eating breakfast out and and ALWAYS up for a celebration.

Good grief, was a fascinating thing!
I 've never heard of a corpse flower before. Amazing!xxxx

Brenda said...

I love celebrations too. Just like this blog, its fun to be thankful for something/someone!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Choc said...

I miss doing Friday Five Fave...just no time these days!! But it is such a nice group of bloggers and a good way to have a positive end to the week. Wow, that breakfast sounds like something I would LOVE also. I am like you it's fun to get breakfast out. Can't believe you had a roof leak, good to have hubs get that taken care of. Miss your blog! Oh and that flower....that is so weird, never heard of it, but I find that kind of stuff interesting.

Mom24 said...

What a blessing your hubby can do that. Sadly, neither Mark nor I would have a clue how to fix a leaking roof.

I love going out for breakfast. Yours sounds delicious. Love a generous serving of fruit too.

There's a corpse flower where we live, you can come see it. :)