Friday, May 24, 2013

Friday's Fave Five #244

April showers bring May flowers or as in the Alberta version May showers bring June flowers.  It is a wet, cool and cloudy couple of days here but the lawns and trees are happy for the moisture.  It's Friday and that means we take a moment to recall and share 5 blessings from our past weeks.  Guidelines are here if you are new.  Otherwise, welcome to everyone reading and joining in this week.  I'm always so glad to have you!

It's a short week here, at least for me, as Monday was Victoria Day in Canada.  And that means a day off for me.  That in itself was a blessing but I've got some others too.

1.  Choosing my flowers for the year.  This is a Mother's Day gift to me from hubby.  He diligently saves his Canadian Tire bucks all year and then lets me go spend them on flowers.  What a sweetie.  I always enjoy this little shopping trip, though this year I got my heart broken having to put back a stunning coral colored peony bush. I have never in my life seen that color on a peony bush.   I walked around with in my buggy for more than half an hour with many a lady stopping me and oohing and aahing over it and telling me it was well worth the price.  But I didn't notice any of them loading one into their buggies.  At fifty dollars apiece, ON SALE no less, it was just a bit too steep.  Hubby was trying to be gracious about it but I could see he was having heart palpitations.  My garden is after all producing on a survival of the fittest policy, and he was just a tad bit worried it would die after the summer.

2.  Bedding out plants bedded out.  I did it, I bit the bullet and got them out.  It's always dicey here in Alberta.  Tradition states to wait until the May long weekend, but the way the weather has been the last 10 years or that is not necessarily so reliable.  The days may be nice but the nights could still risk dipping to the freezing mark or below.  But I've been carefully watching the weather network on the internet and it called for nice nights all this week so I took a chance that it will remain for the rest of May and put all my flowers out on Monday.  Ai, yi, yi.  5 hours of digging, rearranging perrenials, planting beds and containers on a beautiful day.  It's done and looks great.  And the rain showed up today to give them all a good watering.

3.  Lots of reading time.  Long weekends always afford me some extra time to do what I love best.  And that involves a pot of coffee, staying in pj's a little longer in the morning and a good read.

4.  Meals on the grill.  With the nice weather comes the firing up of the grill.   This week we've had burgers and chicken drumsticks cooked on the grill.  Yummy.

5.  Bringing out the spring weight bedding.  Love my big quilt but it's nice to put on the lighter one because that means warm weather is coming!

What have been your favorite blessings from the last week?  If you do a post, please feel free to link on up!


nikkipolani said...

I know that sinking feeling when a gorgeous plant stays at the store. I'm proud of you for getting the plants planted right away -- my bad habit is to wait too long.

Hurray for reading time and grilling food. Two faves for sure.

Willow said...

All those spring fling things! Putting out the flowers, perfectly timed spring rain, a little bit of a holiday, and books to read. You've had a practically perfect week!

Kara Claflin said...

We were able to put on the spring bedding quite some time ago. I won't plant anything but pansies till this weekend though. Normally we can do it on Mother's day but it's been a very cold and rainy spring.

Faith said...

I can sure relate to the high priced flowers. There was one large hanging plant i was coveting but was just too high for the short amount of time it would do well on our front stoop. It sounds great though that you were able to do all that bedding in work. That will be me this weekend IF we don't get the rain we've been having for 4 days straight now. UGH! I love grilling but we were only able to do it once this week in between rain showers! Here's hoping for a sunny, warm weekend for everyone!!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Hmmm...reading, books...always seem to be in your and my five! Sounds like a cheery week there. You'll have to include some pictures of those plants you've set out -- would love to see. We've had to dodge raindrops here this week, too. And I do love those meals on the grill! Have a great week ahead!

Barbara H. said...

I was thinking about checking out peonies to replace a bush that hubby took out - I didn't know they were so expensive! Looks like I'll have to see what else is available.

It's a nice feeling to get the flower beds situated for the summer. I hope the weather cooperates and they all flourish.

We had one meal on the grill for Mother's Day -- looking forward to more!

Extra reading time is a lovely plus.

Lynette said...

Happy Friday. Enjoy your weekend of reading pots of coffee. Mister Linky wouldn't let my link. Not sure why.

Snowbird said...

How lovely that hubs saves that money so you can buy plants. Ahhhh....yes, I've been there too when it comes to an expensive, though glorious plant!!!

Eating out is sooooooo wonderful, I'm glad you're enjoying warmer weather and getting your bedding plants out.

Lovely blessings.xxxx

susan said...

Your week sounded quite lovely esp with including new things for the year like grilling and the light weight bedding. Hurray summer is on its way.

And what a joy to be done with your planting. That is something you'll enjoy the rest of the spring and summer. What kinds of plants did you end up purchasing, Susanne?

Jerralea said...

Sounds like we have the same ideas - getting the bedding plants planted and grilling out are on my agenda for this weekend.

Now if I could just squeeze in lots of reading time, it'd be perfect!

Linda said...

I am anxious to plant flowers at our new house. My big problem is the deer roaming all over our neighborhood!
It is always so nice to hear from you.

Harvee @ Book Dilettante said...

I can't wait to put away my winter comforter but it's still cool at nights here :( Have a good summer!

Mom24 said...

That sounds like a wonderful week! I know I so enjoyed our long weekend and my day off today. Perfect. I've never had peonies, but I've been wanting some for years. $50.00!! Ouch! I'm hoping they're not all that expensive. :)

Glad you got your flowers in, I did that today too. Have a good week.