Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday's Fave Five #243

Hi everyone.  Well I have absolutely no excuse except to tell you I totally fell asleep and forgot to publish.  Yikes, I was one tired cookie last night.  And then in panic I remembered this morning while getting ready for work.  I think I need this long weekend this weekend more than I realize.  

1.  This post, linked to via His Unfinished Work.  Thoughts I've been mulling over myself lately, things I've been trying to address in my heart with with my own blogging and whether I should continue.  But see the thing is, those things that drew me to blogging in the first place...the stories other ladies were telling, the pictures they shared, the encouragement they gave, the friendship they offered...those are still the things that attract me to blogging today.  So all that to say I really enjoyed the post and confirmed to me to just enjoy blogging for what has always drawn me and quit worrying and debating in my head about the rest.

2.  No words needed for this one just kleenex.

3.  Mother's Day time with family.  Even though there was beautiful gifts that totally were a blessing and I appreciated so much, the absolute best was the time my family gave me on Mother's Day.  My Oldest couldn't be here, but the other 2 and hubby made sure I had a lovely day with lots of time with them.  The oldest made sure I got a real nice long phone call which I know for her is a huge gift because she just is not one to talk a long time on the phone.  Their time is their most precious gift of all now that they are all grown!

4.  Nice walks.  This last week provided a couple of opportunities to take a few really nice walks.  The weather was perfect, the company of hubby and four legged buddy was a bonus.  I'm really trying to get out walking more as part of my "get off the couch" decision.

5.  The laughter of children playing.  The dayhome kids had found something extremely funny one afternoon and as I was doing the lunch dishes I could hear their laughter and enjoyment.  What a gift the giggles of small children is.

This weekend is a long weekend for us in Canada.  So I wish all my Canadian friends a nice holiday.  I'm looking forward to going and getting my bedding out plants.  Hopefully the weather will co-operate and I'll actually be able to put them out.  Some  brave souls around here have already done so. Have a wonderful weekend everyone! 


nikkipolani said...

It's kind of funny to think of blogging as "old fashioned" but I'm glad you're still in it for the time being. And hope you get all the rest you need this weekend and maybe more wonderful walks.

Susanne said...

nikkipolani: I think the kind of blogging you and I enjoy is what's considered old fashioned. Now it seems to be all about drawing traffic on purpose, selling ads, having a "brand". I just like to blog to make friends. Guess I'm considered old fashioned. Yay me!

Gattina said...

We also have a long weekend it's pentecost. I love blogging too much to give it up ! I have learned so much, met so nice people and it takes you all around the world, just to know that we women are all the same wherever we live !

Barbara H. said...

I appreciated the post about old-fashioned blogging. Sometimes I've wondered about shaping my blog into something more polished than the hodgepodge that it is, but though "professional" blogs with a "brand" have their place, to me they just lose something personal. I've been sad to see some small cozy blogs I knew when I first started, who interacted with me, get so big I'm not on their radar any more and so commercial that -- well, they've gained some things, but lost other things, so I guess it's a matter of what's most important to them. I like the personal, the friendly type of blogs more, like your. :-) I'm glad you're staying with it.

That video was amazing -- had me tearing up.

I love hearing children laugh.

Willow said...

I too love that post about 'old fashioned' blogging. Like you, I just want to make friends and have an online community. In part you've done that for me with FFF, Susanne. Thanks!
Hurray for the warm weather and wonderful walks!

Chris said...

Susanne, have you joined Simple Stories on Facebook yet? If not, you need to!

Thanks for linking to me! I was so shocked to see it! :)

Thankful for you and FFF today!

ellen b. said...

Yippee for long weekends. Enjoy yours Susanne!

Kathie said...

I'm in for that kind of blogging too - especially the memories. I think it will be nice for our grandchildren to read it someday. When I read history, it's the accounts of everyday life that always attract me - and I'm a firm believer in writing what makes me happy. My blog makes me happy - that's why I keep it.

And thanks for hosting fff Susanne - we appreciate it!

Kathie said...

PS - I'm blogging about laughing babies today too :)

susan said...

Good morning Susanne, I hope you are savoring your weekend even at this moment.

I had seen the Shadow Theatre Group video before, but didn't realize this was based on a true story. So lovely. And I did need a tissue as well.

Interesting posts about "old fashioned" blogging. I think that's what goes on here at FFF. We are a group that shares their weekly minutia. And I feel like I am getting to know you all, benefit by it, and I look forward to reading the FFF lists each week.

Kathie said...

PPS - amazing video!

Jerralea said...

Loved the article on "old-fashioned blogging." I want to share the minutia of life!

I love getting out there and enjoying nature - wish we could walk together sometimes ... maybe on the other side, eh?

Faith said...

Well Susanne, I am also one of those "old fashioned" bloggers. GOOD GRIEF...OLD FASHIONED???? blogging really just became the "thing" in like 2007 right? LOL...old fashioned. bleh. I blog to make friends (like you!!) and to share what God is teaching me thru my quiet times, thru my family and/or work, to share recipe ideas, book reviews, etc. I refuse to have ads on my blog. UGH!!!! Yay for going walking. I only managed to get 1 evening in this week...but i have plans to do much more this weekend!! Enjoy your long holiday weekend.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Love that post -- "the sacred rhythms of the everyday." Cool. Mother's Day downtime was great for me, too. Have a great week ahead!

Snowbird said...

I LOVE your blog so please don't give it up. It's lovely as it is, blogs don't need frills and whistles, I just enjoy relating to people who I'd never get to meet, I learnt so much and met so many lovely people.
I prefer people who are just themselves, you always come across as so genuine and stay just as you are Mrs!!!!

The laughter is children is a priceless gift.xxxx