Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday's Fave Five #242

Hi everyone!  Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  I'd like to start with a little apology for not getting around and visiting everyone who joined last Friday.  A three day headache just wiped me out and the thought of reading a computer screen was just too much. I'm just glad I had a couple of posts that were already scheduled to go up.   But we're good to go now and I'm glad to be back in here.  I missed visiting you all.

1.  The Weather.  The talk of town around here is definitely the weather.  We've gone from winter straight into summer!  One extreme to the next.  The last couple of days have been hot and Sunday is going to be in the 30's C (86*F).  That's like the heat of summer weather around here.  What happened to spring and the gradual warming of the earth?  One day I was wearing hoodies, jeans and socks and the next I was desperate to dig out my capris and tank tops.  But I'll take it.  It's so nice to be outside enjoying the sun.

2.  First Bike Ride of the Year.  Sunday Youngest and I dusted off the bikes and went for our first bike ride of the year.  It was a gorgeous day and I'm looking forward to many more rides this summer.

3.  Rain shower.  We had a little rain shower in the middle of the day.  I love those as they refresh the air and make it smell so nice.

4. An "emergency" massage.  I know, it sounds absolutely self indulgent and ridiculous.  Since when are massages an emergency?  But after a 3 day headache and a mega knot in my back that just was getting progressively worse, I finally broke down and called my massage therapist.  She graciously got me in that same day and what a help it was.   She worked that knot out and by the next morning the headache was going away.

5.  Ice cold water with a lime wedge on a hot day.  I just love how refreshing it is.  And it has been hot around here lately so I fill my water bottle with ice and cold water and throw in a lime wedge or lime juice and sip on it all morning.  Way better than a sugary drink.

What have been your favorites this week?



nikkipolani said...

I think we're all having weather aberrations! We jumped into summer, too, at 90F+ and then dropped back down to late spring with a couple of rain showers. Huh.

So I'm fully expecting photos of snow from your neck o' the woods sometime next week!

Big news with your Youngest. Glad you're getting some time with her before she takes off.

Willow said...

As Anne said, we too are experiencing everything from rain storms to low 80Fs here (I am closer to the coast than she).

Good news about Youngest! What a blessing that she wants to attend Bible school. Truly, after a bit, you will miss all the kids but you will also enjoy the quietness of a home with just you and hubby. Trust me on this one :)

Bike rides? Yay! We'll be doing the same soon!

Gattina said...

We had exactly the same here in Belgium !! Only it happened a little earlier, exactly 3 weeks ago. From one day the other the temperature raised for around 5°C to 20° and for a couple of days even to 25° ! I can't remember that it ever happened ! Just crazy !
Be careful with a your back it causes headaches, that's not a joke ! I do daily some yoga exercises for my back otherwise it would hurt too !

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Glad to hear your weather has warmed up -- and that you're enjoying it. Isn't it great when we see our kids make choices? She was wise to wait until she knew what she wanted to do.

Hope you have a great week ahead!

Faith said...

Well here in NY we had winter, then spring, then winter again and now summer like temps! LOL...must be the global warming thing :D seriously though I sure don't mind the sun and warm beats those frigid snowy days any time! I'm glad to hear your massage therapist worked out that kink in your back! YAY and i put lime slices in my water bottle for work this week too! so refreshing!! We are hoping to get our bikes out on Sunday and go for a nice ride.....enjoy your weekend and Happy Mother's Day!!!

Kathie said...

It's hard when the youngest one decides to go - but, speaking from experience, I find they come and go for a few years. It makes it a little easier. So glad she's going to Bible college. It'll be a good foundation for life.

Water with lime - a great idea! I'm going to buy some limes today. Better for me than diet pepsi and cheaper!

We had summer weather this week too. It's been beautiful all week but apparently tomorrow it's going down to 7 (44F) and Roger has an outdoor wedding! I feel badly for the poor bride...

Glad that massage worked for you! Hope your weekend is a relaxing one.


Snowbird said...

I'm glad your rotten headache has gone and the massage sorted your poor back!

Your weather sounds like ours. We went from hoody weather to shorts overnight too, now it's back to rain and wind.....

The first bike ride sounds lovely along with the iced water, so refreshing!xxxx

susan said...

So glad you are feeling better, Susanne. I agree that sometimes massages ARE an emergency and are great with certain ailments.

Rain showers, especially when it is warm outside, are a pleasure. I also like the smell the concrete gets from these rains.

Have a great weekend.

susan said...

So glad you are feeling better, Susanne. I agree that sometimes massages ARE an emergency and are great with certain ailments.

Rain showers, especially when it is warm outside, are a pleasure. I also like the smell the concrete gets from these rains.

Have a great weekend.

Barbara H. said...

Glad the headache is finally gone and the massage therapist was able to get you in.

Wow, sorry you missed spring! Maybe it will come back for a bit. But the change to warmer weather and outdoor activities sounds nice.

I'll have to try the water with lime. I'm not a fan of lemon in my water, but that might be a little different. I don't drink sugary drinks but probably drink too many diet ones.

Mom24 said...

Hope you're feeling better Susanne. A three day headache sounds perfectly dreadful. Take care, I know how hard that can be.

Brenda said...

Massages are WONDERFUL for headaches! I need to find myself a spot I can go to in an emergency!