Sunday, April 14, 2013

Well, it's not raining and pouring!

I wish I could say
that these were pictures found in the camera

but if I'm being honest
I took them this morning

Well, the spring skiers
oughta being doing a happy dance

Me?  I'm just trying to remember 
where I put the shovel!


ellen b. said...

Oh my. I won't be complaining today about our rain. Nope I won't!

Anonymous said...

Well, we didn't get any sun this weekend, but neither did we get snow! Brrrr. Hope you find your shovel.

Jerralea said...

Oh wow! No wonder you are not thinking of spring planting yet!

Well, maybe this will be your last snow of the year ...

Faith said...

oh boy! yikes.....we actually had sunshine on Sunday and warmer temps but today was rainy....til dinner time.

snowbird said...

Oh no!!!!! You poor thing, that's unbelievable!!!! It makes me shiver just looking at it! Here's to better weather.xxxxx

Mom24 said...

I think I'd be rolled up in a ball crying! ;)

Beautiful, but enough! Hope you get more seasonable weather soon.