Monday, April 01, 2013

Simple Woman's Daybook for April 1, 2013

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 Outside my window...  blue skies, tons of sunshine.  The school yard is quiet and there is no school traffic because the schools are on Easter break around here.

 I am thinking...  I'd love to get out in that sunshine and take a walk!

 I am thankful... for an extra day off today and the slow pace that is going to give me!  I'm soaking in every second!

 In the kitchen... Serbian Ground Beef, Chicken Broccoli Quinoa Casserole, Spaghetti & Meatballs, Lemony Tilapia Baked Fish Sticks, Crockpot  Rancher's Roast Beef

 I am going... no plans to go anywhere this week.  Avoiding the stores cause then I just spend money.  If the weather holds maybe going for a few outdoor walks this week.

 I am wondering... 

 I am reading... finishing up "Jesus" by Charles Swindoll.  Started "Shades of Morning" by Marlo Schalesky.  I am in chapter 5 and so far it is not grabbing me so I'll give it another chapter before I set it aside.  I've already set one other book aside in this Spring Into Reading Challenge so I hate to do another one but the way I look at it, so many books, so little time so why keep pressing in a book I'm not really enjoying all that much.  It's not like I have no other books I can stick into the slot.  My overflowing book basket would be glad to have a few more taken out of it.

 I am hoping... that the basement suite my daughter just moved into will not experience any water problems this spring.  Apparently the city she lives in has had so much snow that they are warning of flooding.  I'm praying for a slow snow melt over there

 I am looking forward to... an unrushed quiet day today and a more relaxed week in dayhome as there is no one to get ready for school and no one showing up in the middle of the day from school.  Our days can just mosey along.

 I am learning...  that I don't take nearly as much as I should be to God in prayer.  Must work at changing that.

Around the house... everything is actually pretty clean because it got a good cleaning on Friday for Easter. I'll probably get out today and clear out the flower bed of the dead leaves and garbage that blows into it over the winter.  I also need to get into my computer Recipe files and start cleaning them out

 I am pondering... all the principles and lessons learned over the last few weeks from the Beth Moore bible study I am involved in

 A favorite quote for today... 

"Our wise and merciful Lord creates every one of us with a God-shaped void in our lives 
so we will seek Him.
Dissatisfaction is not a terrible thing.  It's a God-thing.
The terrible thing is when we don't let it lead us to Christ"
Beth Moore
Breaking Free  - Updated Edition
Workbook pg 65
Copy write Living Proof Ministries, Inc. 2009

 One of my favorite things...  Having the whole family here for Easter.  I'll never take that for granted!

 A few plans for the rest of the week:  appointment at the gym, grocery shopping, hopefully a few gorgeous walks

 A peek into my day...

Just had to show the lovely potatoes I served for Easter dinner


Mom24 said...

My kids love the multi-colored potatoes. I do not enjoy the blue ones, I can never decide if it's psychological or not. LOL

Hope you get to get out and enjoy the sunshine, I'm hoping to do that here as well.

I wish we had Easter Monday off, I was definitely not ready to jump back into things this morning, my kids weren't either, both Jacob and Julianna and the ones I watch.

I'll say a prayer for your daughter, that would worry me as well. Water can be so destructive.

Lisa Spence said...

Don't you love the freedom of laying aside a book you don't care for? I used to feel so guilty for doing so!

And your potatoes are beautiful! Who knew potatoes could be described as such? :)

ellen b. said...

Glad you have an extra day off this week. Sounds like you are taking advantage of it nicely. Blessings...

harleygirl said...

I love the sunshine, too! We're still getting wintry weather here (blah), but hopefully soon the sun will shine it's warmth upon us! Have a great day! :)

Angel Blue said...

love being outdoors in the sunshine

Faith said... all kinds of potatoes! YAY For spring walks! as i type this i am watching snow flurries in the air here in my town in NY but yesterday in Boston it was WARM (60 degrees F) and gorgeous sun with blue skies! but least I have this whole week off! enjoy your walks, my friend. if it warms up here in NY i wil be walking as well!!

Barbara H. said...

How lovely to have an extra day off! Hope it was restful. We're having some welcome sunshine, too.

Love Bears All Things said...

I've enjoyed every Beth Moore study I've done. I learn so much from her.

Its almost Friday. Hope you've enjoyed your week.
Mama Bear

jennifer anderson said...

you sound like you are mature and growing in your faith!