Friday, March 15, 2013

Friday's Fave Five #234

Welcome to Friday's Fave Five.  A place where you can relax and look back over the week and look for those things that were a blessing to you.  It doesn't have to be big, though it can be.  It doesn't have to be super exciting or obvious.  What it should be is anything that uplifted you, made you smile, made life a bit joyful, got you through the day or well let's just put it out there, tasted good!  Yes, we do mention food a lot around here.  Obviously, we consider good eats a blessing.  ;v)   If you are new here, please read the guidelines first, just click here, it'll just take a moment, and then feel free to join our group who make it a purposeful thing in our lives to be grateful.

1.  Smiled the whole time I watched this!

Don't you just love this?  How can you not smile especially when the otter is most definitely playing with the little guy and his obvious joy from it.

2.  Haircut.  I have given up.  I am a long hair wanna be. Always have been.   But I can just never seem to pull off even a simple bob cut.  I just look better and feel better in a short cut.   I had once again been trying to get my hair to some chin length graduated bob but it hits a certain point and I just can't get past it.  I am not and have never, ever been one of those girls who spend forever on their morning prep.  Nope, not me.  I'd rather sleep. And seeing as I have some natural wave in my hair, and seeing as most of those bobs require lots of straightening, I finally gave it up and got a shorter cut that shows off the waves rather than fights them.  Sometimes a girl just has to go with the flow, or the wave as it were.  Now I am happy and feel more like me!

3.  Going to a Phil Callaway event.  I was so excited when I heard he was coming to my city.  I've read several of his 20 or so books one of which I reviewed here and another here If you've never read a Phil Callaway book or been to an event featuring him as a speaker, you are missing something.  The man is absolutely hilarious.  His books are full of humor and heart and hope.  His events will have you laughing until your sides hurt and tears run.  Such a fun evening.

4.   Uplifting music.  I'm not so much into playing music all day long as my youngest and her father are.  I do like my peace and quiet.  At some points throughout the day, usually in the car, I do like to listen to music that makes my heart sing and lifts my spirit.   It's just such a blessing to have music in life.

5.  A lovely surprise from hubby.  I mentioned yesterday how this sweet surprise is bringing color into the living room and forgive me but I must mention it again as a favorite.  It's been awhile since I've bought fresh cut flowers and out of the blue hubby blessed me this bright and beautiful bouquet!  Another little something that lifts the spirits, both the thought & gift and the color & beauty.

Thanks for joining me once again in FFF!  You are all such a blessing to me and I so look forward to reading your posts throughout the weekend with a nice cup of coffee!  Speaking of weekend, hope you have a great one.


nikkipolani said...

I LOVE THAT BOUQUET! It's like a party in a vase. What a lovely surprise.

Good for you for making it easier to style your hair. Your Phil Callaway event sounds great.

Gattina said...

The little boy playing with the otter is really cute ! I have to wear short hair I have baby hairs and they are all straight ! Besides I find it far more practical then long hairs !
What a beautiful bouquet !!

Melissa R said...

What lovely flowers! I like nikkipolani's description: "a party in a vase."

I totally agree about spending too much time styling hair. And also about music: I don't know how many times music has saved my day!

Barbara H. said...

Love nokkipolani's comment about the flowers being a party in a vase! Lovely surprise!

I don't like music playing when I am at the computer or when other people are around and talking -- I guess my mind can only follow so many things at once. :-) But sometimes while in the car or cooking or getting dressed I love to play it. I also like it on while I am going to sleep.

My hair is pretty straight, but just doesn't do well past about shoulder length any more. I actually prefer it a bit above, but I've been having trouble getting them to cut it as much as I want it lately.

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Beautiful, Susanne! I'd love to see your hair. And I re-posted the video on Facebook saying, "Moms of small kids: you NEED an otter." Thanks for the joy!

Katrina @ Mama Manuscripts said...

I'm thinking that I'm going to have to cut my hair short, too. I don't have the dedication to dye my roots and they are likely far too grey to leave (especially considering that my current dye choice was far from my natural colour). I've always kind of liked short hair, though.

I love the bouquet! It is even making me happy this morning. Thanks for sharing!

Snowbird said...

I'm glad you've sotered your hair, I'm the same, mine gets to a certain length and then I can't do anything with it.
Your bouquet is beautiful and cheers me too, just looking at it.
Enjoy your outing!And, have a wonderful weekend.xxxxx

Lynette said...

Love the flowers! Vibrant colors.
Like music, but also like the quiet. I used to like music in the car all the time. But with the constant noise at home, work etc. I find I am turning off the car radio most days.
I used to wear my hair very short and have since grown it out. I guess I am lucky, it's been easy to take care of and can put it up pretty quickly if need I too which is often.

Brenda said...

The video clip is so cute! Bet that little tike slept well that night...maybe the otter too!
I hear ya on liking your peace and quiet. I can't read with any background noise at all, even music. About a month ago, we moved our office into a section of the living room which is nice, except when the tv is going while I'm trying to read or write on the computer. It totally messes with my brain! But I do love some good worship music.
Your flowers are so vibrant and beautiful.
I've finally found a cut for me that is perfect and maybe 5 minutes of maintenance.
Happy weekend to ya!

Jerralea said...

Anytime a haircut makes you feel like you, you know you have a winner.

I love the bouquet, too. I'm craving bright spring colors.

I had never heard of Phil Callaway. I'm definitely going to try one of his books. I'm all about humor!

Faith said...

Oh Susanne!! I LOVE those flowers!! perfect on this damp dreary NY day with SNOW flurries twirling around again!! That otter and little boy were just adorable! Yay for new hair cuts. Guess what? i have super thick hair, with just a SLIGHT wave and had it long all thru college and wanted to grow it out. BUT...i've had a BOB since about age 32 and can't seem to get past the bob.LOL....going again tomorrow for another color and bob :) So I can relate to your hair fave. I've never heard of Phil Callaway until I met you and seen your reviews. I've gotta try one of his books! Have a great weekend!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Phil Calloway sounds like GREAT fun! It's nice to be a in a good spot with your hair. I just got mine trimmed and it's behaving SO much better.

Music, flowers, what could be better? Have a great week ahead.

Heather said...

See I am the opposite, I would love a short cut,but I do not look great with it. I had it short twice and it just didn't look good. I loved the cut though. Mine is currently growing out and I straighten it. It has a little wave,but doesn't take long to fix thankfully! I bet your cut is cute!

I have no clue who Phil Calloway is... I do know who Tim Hawkins is though. He's a Christian comedian.

I love keeping music playing all day. I keep it on when the t.v. isn't on. I love to sing and dance while doing things lol the boys love it too!

Oh those flowers are gorgeous!!! I need to get a bouquet and put them out.

Brenda said...

Those flowers are a wonderful surprise! And so is listening to nice music.

I'm with you, I just want easy hair at this point.