Saturday, March 02, 2013

Book Review ~ Book of Dreams

Dr. Elena Burroughs is at a crossroads in her life. It's been 5 years since her beloved husband died. They were only married for 5 years and she is having a hard time moving on in spite of having a successful counselling career. She specializes in dreams and has become world renowned on the subject after having written a book on the topic. Patients from all over the world seek her help. Right around the anniversary of the death of her husband a new patient seeks her out, a patient who must remain private at all costs and comes with bodyguards. This patient along with an ancient book that her dear friend passes on to her, change the course of Elena's life forever. It will take a great step of faith and stepping out of her comfort zone to realize God's gifting and call, especially when that call and the new patient bring an element of danger.

 Elena and the other main characters in this story were each required to let go of something and step into new territory for each of them. It required faith on each of their parts to fulfill what they felt God was calling them to do. God's lead took each of them in very different directions than what each had planned out for their lives. What they went through seemed to be the biggest disappointment of their lives and yet it was the catalyst for what became their biggest triumph. The story was an encouragement to fully let and let God.

 The part of the story that was more difficult for me was that it dealt with the banking world and global finances, a topic which I will readily admit I have no knowledge whatsoever. So that side of the story was a touch over my head. But what I found very interesting was how the author brought the spiritual influences on the actions of men into the story. The fight of good against evil was clearly defined and Elena's gift of interpreting the dreams of the main characters and of discerning the motivations of the major players being manipulated by evil forces made for a very interesting read.

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Faith said...

another book I would like!! i checked at our library for the last book you did a review on, but sadly, they never heard of it!! They'll do a search for me though in the inter-library loan system our town has with the other cities/towns in our area. This one sounds really appealing to me. I'm writing the title down now!! and funny...I posted a book review earlier today too!! :) and then started a new book only to put it bag. it was AWFUL! soft porn and violence. UGH..and the jacket made it sound like a GOOD mystery. i'm returning it tomorrow!!