Monday, November 19, 2012

Menu Plan

Menu Plan for this week.  I'm just going to throw the ideas up and pick them as I go this week.  The next two weeks are insanely busy for me so I'll just pick and choose depending on how the day looks like it's shaping up.  I've been trying to cook from my burgeoning "To Try" recipe file at least a couple of times each week for the past couple of weeks.  It has been growing insanely huge and really needs to be purged.  I'm really bad for subscribing to a bunch of food blogs including Food Gawker, which is highly addictive, let me warn you! So I'm trying to attempt to cook through it and if we love it the recipe goes to "Tried and True" and if it's just alright or a definite thumbs down it's into the recycle bin with it.

One meal for sure is Butter Chicken Lasagna from the Canadian Food Network show Recipes to Riches.  It was the winner for the entree round.  We happened to catch this episode and I just knew I was going to try it.  I rarely buy pre-made frozen meals but this one was temping me.   Tonight is a late work night and I have ladies study so it's perfect for today!  Wednesday is hubby's birthday and he's chosen Tony Roma's for dinner, so ribs, here I come!

Other meals for the week:

Chicken with White Beans & Tomatoes

Maple Glazed Salmon, rice

Pork Chops with Parmesan Sage Sauce, mashed Potatoes

Paprikash Chicken with Tiny Dumplings


Faith said...

oh yum...I would love the recipe for your paprikash chicken and dumplings...will you be posting it?? You have inspired me to try some new stuff this week (well, then again on Thursday we have THANKSGIVING so i KNOW what we'll be eating then! dave's youngest sister's house!)

Jerralea said...

My hat is off to you to try new recipes when you have an insanely busy week! I guess I've gotten out of the habit of experimenting much since I'm surrounded by picky eaters.

Michelle said...

Susanne My Dear,you will love love the Butter Chicken Lasagna from Recipes to Riches oh my goodness soo good...