Friday, November 23, 2012

Friday's Fave Five #218

Hi everyone!  I hope all my American friends had a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration yesterday and that you're not too terribly OD'd on turkey and fixings to look for your blessings from the past week.  As always guidelines are here if you are just participating for the first time

1.   Birthday celebrations.  This week we celebrated hubby's birthday.  It's always to fun to have a family celebration and to honor one of our own.  The gift I got him was perfect.  He loved it and our dinner out was delicious! 

2.  The perfect coffee pot.  This was hubby's gift.  I got him the coffee pot he's always wanted but we could never get because it didn't fit under the cupboards.  It has a insulated stainless carafe so the coffee is kept piping hot without sitting on a burner getting that burnt old taste.  Hubby used to tip the pot so that only a bit of it was touching the burner which helped a bit but left the coffee less than desirable in the temperature department. We tried the new one out as soon as we could and 6 hours later the coffee was still pretty hot  and tasted fresh.  Yes, I think I am enjoying hubby's gift as much as he is!

3.  Dinner out.  I love to cook but I always enjoy dinner out also.  I'm very thankful we have opportunities to eat out once in a while especially for a celebration.  Hubby chose Tony Roma's and most of us got what they are famous for:  ribs!  It was delicious.  Brought out the inner "Fred Flintsone" in all of us.

4.   Operation Christmas Child.  This is a real blessing in our family.  We've packed boxes almost since it was started in the '90's.  It's always been a family project and now I head up the campaign at church and my kids help me.  It brings me joy to work with them on this.  And it brings us joy to share blessings and imagine  the child who opens the box.  For more info on this great project you can click on the button in my sidebar.

5.  The weekend.  I am so glad it is here.  The end.  

What have been your favorites from this past week?


Gattina said...

A good coffee pot is very important ! I drink a lot of coffee ! and going out for a restaurant makes a birthday celebration special !

Barbara H. said...

That coffee pot sounds nice -- I hate the way coffee tastes when it has been sitting on the warmer for too long. Ours tends to avoid that by turning off too soon.

Love eating out. I've never been to Tony Roma's -- sounds good.

Happy birthday to hubby!

Ann said...

This year our Christian school packed 167 boxes for Operation Christmas Child! It was a great blessing for us!

nikkipolani said...

That's excellent that you head up the OCC at your church! Your "Flinstone" remark made me smile. I've visited a friend who had a coffee pot like that. Fresh-all-the-time coffee is pretty terrific.

Jerralea said...

I don't like coffee that sits on the burner very long either. Isn't it great when a present benefits more than one person? ;)

You know, I've never done a OCC shoe box. I keep telling myself I want to do one. Maybe I need to start now and actually get one done by next year! I think it's pretty cool that you and your kids work on this ministry together.

Faith said...

I LOVE a good coffee pot!! so important! Happy birthday to your hubby and yay for dinner out!! Oh, I forgot all about writing about OCC!! we had claire do a box this year again and she had so much fun filling it with all sorts of treasures for a little girl! It's such a great ministry, isn't it?? I'll have you know I was up at the wee hours of 6 a.m. this day after Thanksgiving with my post all set to link up here and YOU weren't ready ! LOL....seriously, I am LOVING the time away from work and home management. Back to the routine on Sunday!

Willow said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby! I think the coffee pot was an excellent gift. It means you both are happy coffee drinkers and that makes a happy home.

Sandra said...

Yes, coffee...nothing like the perfect pot :)

Carrie said...

Had a FANTASTIC Thanksgiving with my brother's family. The cousins had a fabulous time together. We just finished saying our goodbyes. When are they coming back!?

Brenda said...

The perfect coffee pot is hard to find! The one we have now has an automatic shut off and we really like that, but we've had the thermos type before and those are nice too. And Tony Romas, yummmm!

snowbird said...

I love your Operation Christmas Child....good on yeah!!!!
Wow, RESPECT picking Hubby a gift he likes, I never know what to buy for the chaps, especially my Hubs!xxxxx

Susan said...

Operation Christmas Child is such a meaningful project to be a part of. I've only been doing this for the past 9 years as I hadn't heard of it before.

Susanne, maybe sometime you could do a post of suggestions for this worthwhile project.

Have a great week.