Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Dinner Fail, Weekend Success

Well, it's back to work and the normal everyday.  It was a lovely Easter holiday.  Four wonderful, glorious days off from work and with nothing to do but enjoy family.  I basked in every minute.  It was a weekend of lovely weather, good company, lots of food and relaxation.

 I hosted the Easter dinner as my sis works for a accounting office and this is their insane time.  If we are having true confessions, I have to admit it was the worst dinner I ever served on a holiday.  Nothing seemed to go right.  The goose was undercooked, the asparagus was overcooked, and the scalloped potatoes while tasty, were not soft and tender but still had crunch to them.  Sigh.  I'm not sure what went wrong.  Maybe I was thrown for a loop because I actually made the decision to go to Easter Service instead of staying home to cook.  My timing and groove was definitely off, that's for sure.  Good thing BIL made a ham and it was delicious! Though everyone ate lots of everything and were nothing but complimentary, I know it wasn't the best.  And, I have found, that really, really bothers me.   I'll have to rework my timing for next year because I liked going to Easter Service and don't want to miss it anymore.

Having all my kids together again was a joy.  It does my heart good to hear them laughing together and enjoying one another. It's especially fun listening to Older daughter and Son bantering back and forth about anatomy, which courses they both take for their degrees in Paramedic and Kiniseology.  Those big words seem so weird in regular conversation, but it makes for hilarious conversation with those others of us who call body parts by their "normal" names.   It's going to be tough again on Thursday to say goodbye again to my Older daughter when she heads back to her home in another province.  But school, work and dance call and won't be put off.

Youngest was on cloud nine all weekend having purchased herself a car.  A cute, little red smart car.  It's new to her but she is thrilled.   She'll need one of us with her to drive it as she cannot go for her full license until October, but it's not a hardship going for a drive in that little thing.  It is fun!  And get this, 80 miles per gallon, $20 to fill the tank!  Oy, puts my vehicle to shame in the environmentally good category.

I finished "Anne Of Green Gables".  What a joy that was to read.  I'm so glad I finally did and now wonder what took me so long.  I'm now onto the "life, on the line", the autobiography of Alinea founder Grant Achatz, who just before he was reaching incredible success in his culinary career was diagnosed with tongue cancer.  Doctors wanted to remove his tongue but he decided to go for an alternative treatment of chemo and radiation, but in the process lost his sense of taste. Can you imagine?  But he focused and rallied and trained his chefs to mimic his palate and retaught himself to cook with his other senses.  I'm on chapter 9 and so far it's been very, very interesting reading how his career started.  A few f-bombs are scattered around so far, but I sort of expected that.  I'm just glad that up to now, it hasn't been prolific with the swearing.

So that's my weekend in a nutshell.  How was your Easter?


Karen said...

When I read the title of this post, I immediately thought, "Oh, not the goose!" I've had a few dinners bomb, and it's maddening. But, I think we're hardest on ourselves, and a hungry crowd will appreciate being fed. LOL

I love hearing your description of your kids all together. It's so heartwarming when they enjoy each others company as young adults.

Faith said...

Well this was the first time I cooked Easter dinner in over 15 years! (we usually go out) and I must say if it wasn't for the electric steamer, my asparagus would NOT have come out good at all!! the ham came out ok until my sister discovered that it was from one of the cans and not a spiral one. Next year we're all going out again! lol....seriously, though..enjoy your oldest girl while she's there..mine had to be brought back yesterday..and I"m JEALOUS of your daughter's smart car! I WANT ONE!! lol....seriously...if we had milder winters I'd want one of those cars..my SIL in CA has one and LOVES it. Enjoy your week.....

Mom24 said...

I agree with Karen that we're definitely hardest on ourselves. Still, I feel your pain, I've had special dinners that I felt were not as good as they should be, and it bugs me. It's so hard to go to church and get the dinner on the table, isn't it? I'm trying to figure out how to work that out as well.

Glad your kiddos were home. My oldest two weren't able to be here and it made me sad.

I absolutely love "Anne of Green Gables". Have you seen the movies with Megan Fellows and Colleen Dewhurst? Excellent. http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0088727/ My kids have all loved them, Mark and I do as well. Well, we love the first two, the third one is not from the books and I do not like it at all, but the first two are awesome.

Hope you have a good week.

ellen b. said...

Ahh, sorry you felt that dinner was not up to par. Glad you had a table full of people who love each other. I felt the same way as you about finally reading Anne of Green Gables. I so thoroughly enjoyed it especially reading her prayers which made me chuckle.

nikkipolani said...

Sometimes meals don't come together as we'd hoped, but aren't we glad it's not ALL about the food?

Carrie said...

Oh! COOL on the smart car. We are a two car family but we've thought about trading in one car for a very small smart car for errand running purposes/get daddy to work driving. And then just have a family vehicle. But we like to drive our cars into the ground first...making sure they are terribly unhealthy for the environment before we make a clean break. ha.

Congratulations to her on her car!!!