Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Spring Reading Thing Review #2

"Broken Wings" by Carla Stewart

Mitzi Steiner was once a celebrated half of a singing duo with her husband Gabe.  Now in her eighties, Mitzi divides her time in between volunteering at the local hospital and spending time and ministering to her now bed ridden and unaware Alzheimer's stricken beloved husband.

Brooke Woodson's life seems to be finally on track.  She has a great job as a paralegal and seems to have snagged the most wanted ambitious bachelor in town, a man who fulfills all her Mom's dreams for her.  But after their engagement, a side of her fiance starts to surface that Brooke never could have imagined.  As his anger spins out of control, Brooke is under pressure to hide the real man from her Mom, family and work colleagues, all at risk to herself.

When Mitzi and Brooke's paths cross in the hospital, Mitzi immediately recognizes what Brooke's accidents really are and takes a step of faith and offers Brooke shelter and a safe place to recover.  Not quite sure why she agrees to go with a stranger,  Brooke accepts and the beginnings of their unlikely friendship starts.  During her stay with Mitzi Brooke learns of Mitzi's own difficult past and understands why Mitzi so wants to help her.

The story telling talents of author, Carla Stewart, really shine through as she weaves the stories of Mitzi's past and present and Brooke's difficult life into a story that really pulls out every emotion in the reader.  I cried, I felt uplifted, I felt the pain and the anxiety the story tells.  I cheered on  Brooke as she admitted and faced what she had to, felt compassion for Mitzi as she tenderly cared for husband, was drawn into the story of Mitzi's past.  Each main character was well written and I really cared about the characters as the story made it's way to the end.   How the author wove such a great story together while dealing with such difficult issues as abuse and Alzheimer's  in a compassionate way and still maintaining a story that flowed and didn't get bogged down  gives credit to her wonderful story telling.   A wonderful read if you like a book that makes you care.



Carrie said...

The story does sound endearing. I'm a little stuck on the fact that the cover art is so much like One Thousand Gifts though!

Mom24 said...

I've gotten so many great recommendations from you! Thank you. This sounds really interesting to me.

Barbara H. said...

This sounds really good.

Faith said...

This sounds like my kind of book!! I am soooo looking for this one...is it secular fiction or Christian? just curious so i can find it at my library faster if i know the genre.