Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday's Fave Five#183

Welcome everyone to the first FFF of spring!  Hopefully, it's starting to feel like spring where you are!  It's a bit of a mixed bag, typical to Southern Alberta, for us here.  This morning we woke to snow on the ground and by this afternoon it was warm and sunny with no snow to be seen.  As long as there is no wind, I'll take it!  Anyway,  we're here to find and share our blessings from the past week!  Please join us.  If you need the guidelines, please go here.

1.  "It coulda been worse"...Well in the middle of writing this post, I ended up having to take my son (20) to emergency because he had something in his eye and couldn't get it out even after 45 minutes of trying to flush it out.  Why did this end up on my faves list?  Because first of all, it turned out whatever it was wasn't there any longer and he just has a scratch.  No having to try to pull something out.  Good news.  And second of all, it was the shortest emergency room trip I ever remember, clocking in at just over 2 hours.  It all coulda been worse and I'm very thankful it wasn't.

2.  This recipe.   I had forgotten about this recipe.  Had forgotten how easy it wis, how fast it comes together and how totally delicious it is.  In a desperate search of my blog for recipes, I found it and threw it together in the original version for supper.  Oh my.  Soooo good, even now my mouth waters.  I stirred a small handful of chopped cilantro at the end and about a 1/2 cup of drained, diced tomatoes.  Lots of compliments coming my way at the end of this supper.

3.  Scentsy plug in warmer and "Spice Bazaar" scent bar.  Made my whole house smell like a lovely cup of hot chai tea!  And it wasn't overpowering, just a nice lovely scent.  I've got the spice bazaar car scent in my car right now too.  Love this stuff.

4.  Bringing out the spring decorations.  Out are going the winter whites and in comes the fresh greens, yellows and all my birds.  I don't do a lot of changing up of decorations but enough to freshen up the look each season.  This weekend should see me finish it up.  

5.  Later setting of the sun.  I love that the days are extending themselves.  I see bike rides and walks in the evenings coming my way!  

What have been your favorites this week.  Link up your specific post, and not your home page please.  It makes it so much easier to find it for those who can't visit around until later in the weekend.  If you don't know how, shoot me an email and I'll walk you through it.  Have a nice weekend, everyone! 



nikkipolani said...

Yes, yes! Spring has sprung here :-) It's spring for you, too, Susanne. It's just that your spring includes snow flurries :-(

So glad you got your son through emergency in record time. That recipe sounds extremely tempting... Enjoy your weekend and bringing on the signs of spring.

Gattina said...

Since I have seen the emergency series with George Clooney, emergency services in all hospitals of the world are a joke, lol !
We have a friend who cut of the upper part of his thumb and had to wait for more than an hour with the piece in his hands to be sewed ! I think you have to be half dead until they move, lol !

Willow said...

Oh, yes, the longer days here in the northern hemisphere are so very welcome!

I'm glad your son's ER visit turned out so positively.

Have a great weekend!

LivingforGod said...

So glad to hear that you son is okay. I think spring is hiding from us here in Oregon :). Your recipe sounds really good.

Have a lovely weekend!

Faith said... temps are definitely here in my part of New York State! we've had a record breaking week and we all love it! I'm starting to get my bike out today and heading out the door in 10 min for a nice long morning walk due to no school today! (conf day for head teachers). So glad your son is ok and yay for spring decor!!

Brenda said...

I really like the scentsy scents and warmers as well. I think they do the best job of keeping the house smelling nice.

So glad it was not worse for your son. That really is a #1 to be thankful for!

ellen b. said...

Glad it was only a scratch by the time he got seen and that he was seen quickly! I really am enjoying the longer days, too. Have a great weekend.

Annette {This Simple Home} said...

We are enjoying the later setting of the sun, too!

Oh my! Just a scratch on the eye is not fun, but you are right...could have been so much worse!

Melanie said...

Well thank goodness there was nothing IN his eye!! Can you believe how long you normally do have to wait in the ER? Ridiculous.

I LOVE my Scentsy Plug In. Need to order new bars for spring!

Spring decorations sound lovely!!

Happy SPRING!!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

SO glad it wasn't worse! So often, we can say that and should be thankful. Find myself saying that a lot!

I copied that recipe down...I'll give it a try. Sounds delicious.

Enjoy your sun time and spring decorations!

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I'm very glad that your son is okay, and that you had such an easy ER experience!

We've put out Spring and Easter accents, changed to lighter linens and had the windows open. It's lovely, and all this extra sun has brightened my mood, for sure!

I haven't tried that scent, but I love hot chai, so I may have to try it.


Lynette said...

Happy Friday and Happy Spring!

Hope said...

So glad your son was ok. I put up some spring things, too. It really freshens the house! And I , too, LOVE that the days are longer. I LOVE walking in the evenings. Sounds like you had a good week!

Karen said...

Just checked out the recipe and it sounds wonderful. I'm getting my spring decorations out this weekend.

Barbara H. said...

So glad your son was okay. I imagine the scratch probably still feels irritated but hopefully that will feel better soon.

I love how places brighten up for spring. I used to work in a fabric store and always loved when we changed over the front of the store with spring fabrics.

I'm liking having more light in the evenings, too.

I ended up not making it for FFF this week. Our "dinner for six" group met at our house last night and ended up being "dinner for ten." It was fun, but cleaning and getting a couple of house projects done kept me hopping the last couple of days. Thought about doing it today, but it was about noon by the time I got to the point of blogging today, so I figured I'd just wait til next time. I did miss it, though!

Kara said...

I love that the days are longer as well. It seems so much more relaxing at the end of the day.