Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday's Fave Five #178

Here I thought I had a pretty perfect Fave Five post until I woke up and checked on it and lo and behold I totally forgot the banner and the welcome.  Yikes, sometimes I wonder if my brain needs to be taken to a brain "garage" somewhere to get a tune up.  But welcome everyone!  Hope your having a slightly less "forgetful" week.  Thanks for joining in and remembering your good moments from the week.  If you are new please stop here and get the guidelines and then just jump right in!

1.  An incredible huge full moon rising above the city line.  Younger Daughter and I were making our way to youth from her violin lesson when all of a sudden this incredibly huge white moon ascended over the city skyline against a navy blue night sky.  It was one of the most beautiful moon rises I've ever seen!  Darn I was wishing I had my camera.  I was going to grab my phone and try to take a pic of it but we were on a portion of road where it's three lanes travelling at 90 km (55 mph).  I figured I better follow Alberta's distracted driving law and just file it in my memory.  It's a shame, it was a real beaut!  But I'm so thankful God blessed me with eyes to see it.

2.  Crazy Enough by Mercy Me.  I can't listen to this song enough.  I love, love, love the musical arrangement in it, his voice and the notes he sings. And the lyrics are really powerful.  And hey, you can understand every word he's singing.  I don't have to look it up.  And that's awesome in and of itself nowadays.  ;v)

I'm so thankful God has given me ears to hear it.

3.  Bernard Callebaut Chocolates.  Yeah, I know.  After I posted this, guess who came home bearing a box of my absolute favorite chocolates.  Guess my blowing kisses reached their destination.  :v)

I'm so thankful God gave me taste buds to taste them.

4.  Influence Bamboo  Hibiscus hand soap and fabric/ room deodorizer.  By Fruits and Passion.  (I can't find a specific link for the two together).  Oh my, I love this scent.  I wish you had smell-o-computer.  I'd send you a blast.  So thankful God gave me the ability to smell this wonderful stuff.

5.  Fresh clean sheets.  If I was rich enough to own a bazillion sets of sheets and had a maid to do laundry and change the bed, I'd change them every single day.  Love the feel of fresh, crisp, clean, cool cotton sheets.  So thankful God gave me skin that feels.

What have been your favorite blessings and moments from the week?  Please join us and share them.  Link to your FFF post please so that readers can easily find your post even if they are reading a few days from now.  Have a great weekend everyone.



nikkipolani said...

Boy, I know just how you feel when something beautiful is happening and you are stuck with driving! Thanks for that pretty word picture, though. What's next, right? Smell-o-computer for Blogger!

Gattina said...

That's why I always take my camera with me, just like my mobile, the best pictures you see is exactly when you have forgotten your camera !! lol !
I didn't know this song, but it's nice to listen to !

this word verification becomes a plague !

Kathie said...

That's one of the great things about living on a little rural Island - no 3 lanes of traffic. In fact nobody thinks twice about stopping their car - sometimes in the middle of the road - just to have a chat (um...not me :)

Those chocolates look scrumptious!!

Love the song too - just listened to it. A good message!

I'm with you on clean sheets - especially if they dried outside on the line. Heaven!

Happy weekend Susanne!

Faith said...

Love all your faves...Mercy Me always has such great songs! I've never heard of that chocolatiere and yay for crisp, clean sheets...there's nothing like em! (your post reminded me of the weekly meme I do (hosted by peggy of the simple woman) called Diary of 5! love the senses thing! :) enjoy your weekend, Susanne!!

Elizabeth said...

sigh - Blogger ate my comment - and it was the best comment in the world of comments.... ;)

Love your five.

Mom24 said...

I saw that moon! It was breathtaking. I was driving Julianna home from dance and I called home and told Jacob to go see it. Ours started out orange, which was beautiful!

I absolutely love clean sheets as well.

Barbara H. said...

It is hard sometimes to keep our eyes on the road when there are such beauitful sights to see.

Love getting into bed when there are fresh sheets on it.

I am so glad all my five senses are in fair working order, too!

Brenda said...

I love clean sheets and good smells too. I'm just thrilled to have a washer AND dryer so I can wash my sheets regularly. I think I might have seen that same moon ;)

ellen b. said...

Your favorites hit all of our 5 senses feel/touch, smell, hearing, taste, Sight...
Very cool...

Carrie said...

Taste buds! =D That's something to be grateful for indeed!

I love the feel of clean sheets. I don't know exactly how it is that they make such an enormous difference when you crawl into bed - but they do!

Karyn said...

Glad you were able to obey the law. :) I have a moonrise on my list today, too.

I like the way your focus is on this list...thanking God for your senses.

I look forward to listening to the song! (Can't right now)

Jerralea said...

I love your format this week - one for every sense.

I adore clean sheets and it would be great to have them everyday ... maybe I'll have time to do that when I retire, LOL.

I've never heard of the Hibicus soap but would love to try it.

I do nearly always have my camera with me, but am usually running late so there is no time to stop and take a photo!

Divas said...

That Bamboo Hibiscus hand soap and fabric/ room deodorizer sounds amazing! I'll have to search for it :)

Our Village is a Little Different said...

Thank you for sharing the song. I love the song, too, and the video was great!
Chocolate, hibiscus, and clean sheets - all in one week? Yay!
I hope you have a wonderful week ahead, and thank you for being our hostess.

Annette {This Simple Home} said...

The moon sounds lovely!!

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

I LOVE how you did your FFF based on gratitude for your senses. Unique and so right on.

I'd love to be experiencing each one of your faves.

Isn't it fun to have new people join us for FFF. I am grateful that YOU host this each week. It's always a favourite time for me (to write and read others' lists).

Have a blessed week.

Karen said...

Smell-o-computer! I love that.

This is a great post, in thanksgiving for all the senses. We take so much for granted.