Friday, February 03, 2012

Friday's Fave Five #176

Welcome to FFF everyone!  Time to have a look for the Five favorite blessings and uplifting moments from the week.  Please join in.  If you are new and need guidelines please go here.

1. A shiny silver vehicle parked in my garage.  We've been talking about a new to us vehicle for a while. Our big ol' van is 14 years old and things are starting to break down.  It seems we've got it in at the mechanic;s way too much for our liking.  I'm gonna miss that big baby, it's taken us on some great family outings and trips.  But the kids are no longer kids and who knows how long they'll keep coming with us.  It was time for something a bit smaller.  It will still fit all of us comfortably which is great.  So what did God bless us with?  A 2007 Envoy SLT.  Love it!  I'd have taken my own picture but it was dark by the time I got it home so this will give you an idea.

2.  Steam refresh feature on my dryer.  How I love this feature.  For someone who forgets stuff in the dryer all the time and hates to iron, this feature is better than sliced bread.

3.  Date night with my handsome hubby.   At our favorite restaurant, enjoying one of our favorite meals and each other's company.  It was really nice.  

4.  Great parents to work for.  I am always amazed that for all the years I've done child care, how many wonderful parents I have had to work for.  And this year is no exception.  One of the parents that I have, we found out quite by accident that we are actually related.  Go figure.  And they are actually becoming friends too.  

5.  And speaking of great parents, gotta love when they bring me A Starbucks chai tea.  A favorite drink for me and what a special treat being brought first thing in the morning .  

What have been your favorites this week?  Take a moment to find and remember them.  It does a person good to realize the blessings big and small in life.  Have a great weekend everyone.



nikkipolani said...

Very nice car, Susanne! Looks very able to plow through those winter snow storms. What a blessing to have such great parents. And chai tea too! Happy weekend.

Willow said...

Isn't it GREAT when you can work with/for wonderful thoughtful parents? I'd say that the chai tea would be a winner anytime.

Hurray for the new (to you) car! And the date night too.

Susan@FruitfulWords said...

How fun to be related to one of your parents. Even more fun now that you all are becoming friends.

My dryer is old and so I've never heard of the steam refresh button on the dryer. That would be a very handy button for me to have as well. :)

Wahoo - you must be feeling better in order to go out.

Gattina said...

Congratulations to the new car ! I am sure you will feel the difference in gas !! These old monsters were very thirsty ! It's nice that you are so lucky with the children's parents, unfortunately that is not always the case !

Jientje said...

A new car!! Congratulations!
A date with your hubby is always great, I had some great moments with mine too this week. It's nice to have great people to work for, especially when you work with little children it's very important. I have also done the washing and the ironing for this week, I'm always glad that bin is empty! I hope you'll have a great weekend ahead!

LivingforGod said...

Nice vehicle! Steam refresh? Sounds so nice. Glad you had a wonderful date night with your husband, wonderful parents to work for, and a wonderful treat :).

Faith said...

Congrats on the new car! And yay for awesome parents of kids you work with and for the added bonus of a fave drink! I had a special date night too this week!! Have a great weekend Susanne!!

Kathie said...

Susanne - I must have caught your cold when I came to visit last week :)

A great new vehicle!! Especially good for wintery weather.

Very thoughtful parents - and what a nice morning treat!

Glad you got out with your hubby - I'm looking forward to date soon - Feb is b-day month so we'll need to celebrate!

Happy weekend!

Jerralea said...

You're so right - it does a person good to recall blessings both great and small! Thank you for hosting FFF!

Congrats on the new vehicle. May you enjoy it on many road trips!

I, too, love to freshen up stuff in the dryer ... I do it all the time!

ellen b. said...

Glad you have good parents to work with. A new car and a date sounds like a exciting week for sure. Have a wonderful weekend.

Karyn said...

Congrats on the great new vehicle!

I've never heard of 'steam refresh' but then I have never shopped for a new washer/dryer. I've had my set since my oldest son was born - in 1978. :) Steam refresh sounds like something I would use often, though! Bet it works better than a damp towel, eh? LOL

Mo said...

WoW...a new car! Good for you!! We've been tossing that around here at our house too, as out little car is now 10years old, and while it's still fightin' the good fight, it's starting to show its age..

Barbara H. said...

Congratulations on the new car! I always hate to give up the old one -- until I actually get the new one, lol!

It's so good to have great parents to work for. I can only imagine the major stress that would be if that were not the case.

We have something like that on our dryer only it's called something different -- it tumbles the clothes around every few minutes so they don't just sit there and get wrinkles. I love that -- you can't always come running right when the dryer quits, and I like to hang to fold them directly out of the dryer so I don't have to iron much.

Catherine said...

Oh, I really like your new car!! I hope you are enjoying it!

I love Starbucks Chai Lattes, too. Yum.

I just told my friend yesterday, that I don't think I have plugged my iron in for at least a year! I don't miss it, either. ;)

I'm so glad you have great parents to work with, and that you enjoyed a fun date night, too.

Thanks, and have a wonderful week!

Karen said...

Congratulations on your new car! I was sad to trade in our big ole van a year or so ago, but it is sooo nice to drive something smaller.

That steam refresher feature sounds wonderful. I'd love something like that.

And what a sweet way to start your day with your favorite Starbucks!

Have a great weekend, Susanne.

Carrie said...

That looks like an awesome car! Congratulations!

It is fantastic that you've had such great parents over the years.

And Starbucks. Yes, Starbucks!

I'm back again this week but I'm posting with Living Like a Narnian instead of Reading to Know. Only because of the chaos (mentioned in teh post) and my using a different computer, I didn't get your button on. I'll get that sorted out next week!)

Mom24 said...

Wonderful list. Congratulations on the new car.