Thursday, December 15, 2011

Moments in Time 12/11

Well it finally happened...

the snow came.  The white stuff fell.  And it's cold, but not overly so.  Just perfect to kick in the motivation to get the Christmas decorating going.

The mantle is done.  The stockings are hung.

I love my nativity.  Purchased at Costco a few years back.  I try to switch it up a bit every year.  This year I left the stable off.  Kept my mirror up and didn't hang the big star.   The palm-y looking plant on the right is a bamboo my hubby gave me for our anniversary in the summer.   Seemed to fit so it stayed.

I thought the tree was so full.  Looking at it in "real life" it does look full of stuff.  But looking at the picture...not so much.   So it's probably a good thing that Oldest Daughter will yet hang all her decorations (about 21 of them) when she gets home on Sunday.

Ye Olde Barricade.  Not an option when one has a dayhome.

Not the coffee table decorations I dream off.   Plain and minimal also not an option.

Not Christmas decorations.  But ever present.  There's always kids toys scattered around it seems.

As are dog toys.  Those are all exactly where he left them.  I really need to train him to put them away in their basket.

Guess he's too busy.  Good thing he's cute!


Barbara H. said...

Love your windows! Perfect for the tree. I thought our tree was full, too, but keep finding spots where we could have put ornaments.

ellen b. said...

Well my are 10 steps ahead of me. Congrats on getting things up!

Karyn said...

Thanks for sharing your decorations! Love your nativity scene with the 'palm tree'.

I went with a completely different nativity this year - my traditional one is much like yours, also purchased at Costco. :)

Just finished with my decorating last night - still have the tree, though.

Faith said... of your decorationsand tree...all look beautiful. Mine have been up since Dec 1st but it took awhile to get into the whole shopping thing...oiy....I am finally done thanks to many online orders...I LOVE the plant your hubby gave you and it DOES go so nicely with the nativity. ONE MORE WEEK and then I'll wanna start taking stuff down...LOL....mydaughters will be envious of your snow...we STILL don't have any and it's a balmy 52 today!!!!

nikkipolani said...

Cuteness goes a looooong way, Susanne! You've done well getting decorated while keeping little hands at bay...

Gattina said...

I like your tree just like it is, not too many decorations. At least you can see that there is a fir underneath.