Friday, November 04, 2011

Friday's Fave Five #164

After a gorgeous fall day today, we are preparing ourselves here in Southern Alberta for the first snowfall of the year coming, apparently tomorrow.  So today's Fave Five is brought to you by a nice, cozy blanket and a steaming cup of lemon meringue tea.

1.  Dinner out with friends makes my list this week.  Saturday night we went for a spur of the moment chinese dinner.  The conversation was good and inspiring, the company great, the food delicious.  I always enjoy doing something with another couple.

2.  Attending a powerful worship concert with Starfield.  My daughter asked me to go with her and I'm so glad I did.  Even though I was super tired and secretly was wishing I could stay home, I'm so glad I fought that urge and went with her.  It was an absolutely powerful wonderful night of worship.  I first saw these guys when they were just starting out and backing up "Jake".  My girl was only in grade 2 or 3 when we went and now she's in grade 12 and again we went. We had a great time.  It was amazing seeing all the youth at the front standing and singing and raising their hands in worship through most of the concert.   If you have never attended a Starfield concert and can get to to one, GO!

The video is not from the concert here but you'll get the idea.

3.  This rotten cold finally starting to disappear.  I am so thankful this thing is finally hitting the road.  It's been over 2 weeks.  It feels good to be half decently feeling good again.

4.  Lemon Meringue tea.  One of my favorites anyway but it went down so good while that cold hung on.  Lemony with a hint of vanilla and smooth tasting.  It really does taste like lemon meringue.  Sorry don't know who puts it out.  I but it at a coffee shop and it's a loose tea with the big pieces of everything in it.  But it's worth every penny.  Yummy.

5.  It's Friday and the "fall back" weekend of daylight savings time.  I'm so glad it's the end of the week with a weekend free and open with no major commitments.  I can clean the house at leisure, get some groceries, read, whatever.  And the bonus of an extra hour of sleep come Sunday morning suits me just fine right about now!

What were your favorite things from your week?  Please join us in looking for blessings in our days no matter how the week is going.  You'll be surprised at how uplifting looking for and  sharing your blessings is. No matter the size of them, if they made you happy, or encouraged you they are worth taking note of.

Have a great weekend everyone!


nikkipolani said...

As you are getting your first snow, we're getting our first rain. Well, an itty bitty bit of it. Hurray that your cold is easing up. Your week with friends and daughter sounds really energizing.

Faith said...

i wrote about snow too susanne only in a different manner! we are expecting temps in the low 60s (F) and we're here in the northeast! i LOVE it. glad you're feeling better....the tea sounds yummy for a headcold. i have the same weekend coming major obligations but church and i don't consider that an "obligation"! :) enjoy!!

Mom24 said...

I absolutely love when we "fall back". I will feel more rested for days.

Your tea sounds awesome. I can very much relate to having fun when I push myself to do something even when I'm exhausted. Glad you went, glad you enjoyed.

In our almost 28 years of being married we have never been out with another couple. I wish we had couple friends, but I have no idea how to make them at this point. It's great that you got to be spontaneous and have fun.

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Glad to hear you're feeling better! Lemon Meringue Tea? Sounds wonderful The concert sounds great! Have a great week, Susanne.

Kathie said...

Glad you're beginning to feel better Susannce - and you get the extra sleep this weekend! Yay!

I've never heard Starfield live - I like to. I enjoy their music.

Never heard of Lemon Meringue Tea but I like the name. And it would be less calories than LM Pie :)

Hope you have a very relaxing weekend!

Jientje said...

No snow here yet, although I probably should not shout that too loud time of year huh? The weather has been amazing here, a real Indian Summer! I'm glad you're finally feeling better Susanne! I think I would probably like that tea of yours too. My favorite at the moment is a Rooibos Caramel tea. Maybe I should put that in one of my next Fave Five's eh? It's been such an amazing week for me I didn't know what to put first!

Lynette said...

the tea sounds really yummy.

We have rain on the way.

I forgot about the time change, thanks for the reminder.

Have a lovely weekend.

Hazel said...

Snow - always nice to hear about the changing of seasons. Glad your cold is starting to go away. I hate cold too. Lemon merigue tea sounds so yummy from your description I wonder if I can find that here. Thanks for mentioning Starfield. I like listening to new (to me) bands.

Barbara H. said...

No snow here yet, but it's been raining for a couple of days. Supposed to clear today, though!

I love dinner out and dinner with friends -- having the two together is lovely! Glad you had a good time.

I'm glad you're feeling better!

I so love "fall back" weekend!

Karen said...

We have a free weekend, too! It makes today feel like a holiday, knowing I have all that free time ahead.

The worship service sounds awesome. It must do your heart good seeing all those young people all fired up.

The tea sounds wonderful. I like the idea of lemon tea, but it's always too tart. Maybe adding a drop of vanilla?

Have a great weekend, Susanne!

Jerralea said...

That lemon meringue tea sounds intriguing ... I'd like to try it. I will be on the lookout for something similar.

I agree that having an extra hour to sleep is always a highlight.

We have "couple friends" that we love to go out with. Unfortunately, we are so busy it's rare we get to see them ...

ellen b. said...

thanks for the Fall back reminder! I'm glad your lousy cold is finally going away. Sounds like a wonderful week with time with friends and some great worship time. Have a good weekend.

Willow said...

I was going to say the same thing as Anne--you get snow, we get rain today. The concert with your girl sounds like a great opportunity. I hope you completely kick that cold over the weekend.

Carrie said...

I'm glad the cold is going away. ;)

The worship concert sounds amazing!

And dinner out with friends? Always a very fun treat!

Hope you have a fantastic weekend!

Gattina said...

Glad to read that your cold finally leaves you ! it's about time ! I am enjoying the sunshine in Egypt for the moment and blog from here !

TIFFANY said...

Glad you're starting to feel better. Hope you enjoy your extra hour of sleep tomorrow.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

I'm so glad you're feeling a little bit better. Lemon Meringue tea sounds wonderful!

Thank you for hosting, and have a wonderful weekend. :)

Michelle said...

no snow here yet, but it has been pretty cold and we have had 2 morning frosts already, but after tonight it's supposed to be Autumnly around here.

Glad you are feeling better

Brenda said...

I think we are all looking forward to that extra hour of sleep this weekend, but I am sad that it will get dark so early in the afternoon!

Dinner with friends always makes a week better, I like it when that happens in my week.

Christina said...

The concert sounds amazing and you are blessed to get to spend it there with your daughter. Glad to hear it was such a wonderful time. Dinner with friends, spur of the minute, how awesome.

Kathie said...

Hi Susanne - answer to your apple question - they're Cortlands. The really red ones grow on the tops of the trees and Roger climbs to the top to pick them. They're delicious!