Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Sometimes I just get a whole lot out of a book. 
 And I want to go back and reread.  
Or take a note or ten.  
Or write down a quote.
But paper and pen is in a land far, far away.

  And sometimes that book belongs to another.  
How could that be?
I know.
But it does happen.

What to do when the temptation to underline is too great?

So it dawned on me I had these post it tabby thingies sitting in my drawer doing nothing with their lives. 
Voila, problem solved.
And they're just happy to be out and about doing their thing.

I heart the post it sticky thingies.


S said...

What a good reminder that even posty note thingies need a purpose! I have started doing this for layouts/projects in the craft books I have.

ellen b. said...

Ha! That looks like one great book!

Faith said...

lol...i gotta get me some of those! hey... I could use some prayer for my 17 yr old. had her 4 wisdom teeth out this a.m. She isn't doing well because the pain killer made her sick. SO...we are gonna try another, less strong pain killer, (a super strong Motrin)..please pray she can tolerate this one...thanks!!!!!

Barbara H. said...

I love those things. I use them, too, to make it easier to find what I underlined (when it is my own book) rather than flipping through pages looking for marking.