Monday, April 11, 2011

Monday Mish Mash

It is finally starting to look a bit like spring around here with some sun and blue skies poking through.  On the weekend, we just had to take advantage of those moments and took some walks with the dog who very much appreciated getting out there.  We took our first walk in the riverbottom park yesterday.  It started off beautiful but within minutes of getting going the wind came up and clouds rolled in.  But because we were fairly protected by the trees it was still a nice walk.  The dog thought he was in heaven.  So much to sniff he didn't know where to go first.

Saturday I got my monthly massage.  This is something that is a need for me due to some neck and back issues so don't be too jealous because it is not necessarily a relaxing experience.  This session was one of those times where it was not so much fun.  She beat me up good.  Not really, but it sure felt like it when she was working some of those knots out. I almost felt myself automatically calling up the breathing exercises they taught in prenatal.   She told me I'd feel tender but better the next day and I told her I'd better or I was looking her up.  We laughed but I wonder if she thought I was serious.  I was.  No, not really, I'm kidding.  But I was thoroughly exhausted for the rest of that day.  Whew.

Hubby was a sweetheart and treated us to supper that night.  We couldn't decide between pizza and chinese food so we ordered pizza from a place in town that has really unusual kinds of pizza.  They compete in the international pizza competitions in Las Vegas and have come in as high as Top 13.  We got one of our favorites with ttomato sauce, mozza, provolone, feta prosciutoo, tomatoes and fresh grated parmesan.  My mouth waters as I type this.  Then we tried a new one to add a bit of "chinese" food flavor in there.  It had honey garlic sauce (instead of tomato sauce), chicken, pineapple, bacon, sliced almonds and cheddar.  It was really different and really good.

I've finished reading 5 books off my Spring Reading Thing challenge.  I'm three behind from how many I've read at this point last year, but that's okay because I've done 3 non-fictions in the last month which if you know me, is a minor miracle.  If you're interested at all, the reviews are here.  Scroll to #'s 6 through 10.  I'd love for you to comment (I always love to hear what you think about different titles) but please mention the name of the book you are commenting on in your comment.  The blog is set up so that one year's reads and reviews all end up as a running post.  It's easier that way to link in my sidebar. But if you don't mention the title it gets a little confusing.

So that's about it for my rambling thoughts on a Monday morning.  How was your weekend?


nikkipolani said...

I know what you mean about feeling beat up after a treatment. My doctor would tell me to drink plenty of water for the next 24 hours -- and it seems to help the achiness.

As for spring -- hurray! I'm glad you're getting out and that the dog is having a terrific time.

Your pizza experience sounds tasty :-)

My weekend was really terrific -- very social and nearly completely computer-free.

ellen b. said...

I'm glad Spring is finally making an appearance for you. That is great to be able to get dinner out after you were worked over! I'm making that sloppy Joe recipe tonight for dinner. Blessings...

Michelle said...

I too know what you mean after a massage ouch!!! Hope spring is coming your way soon ;)
Holy Comments Susanne :)How are you?

Christina said...

Your weather sounds a lot like ours, but since we are right under Canada up here in WA then that would probably be expected.

I don't like message much. You're right, it can be good but it can be painful. I have some neck issues too.

wow you are reading away on the book challenge. I am going to check out what you've read so far.

That pizza sounds interesting. I myself love to try unusual types of pizza so I know I would probably of liked this. You have a nice husband.

Christina said...

I was looking at your reviews and I am reading "Unlocked" now and I am so enjoying it.

Faith said...

can't wait to check out your reviews..and thanks for explaining about the comments..i was confused last
that 2nd pizza you mentioned sounds like one i would LOVE...i've never seen anything like that around my town...will have to check it out....
i had a great weekend too and will write about it in the fave fives...enjoy the day!!

Barbara H. said...

Glad it finally started getting springy there!

I've never gad a massage. I have some back issues, so it might help, but I'm also kind of over-sensitized, and just the thought of anyone doing anything with my back makes me cringe.

I've finished 5 SRT books as well -- I was surprised, I didn't think I had finished many.

Sandra said...

Thank goodness Spring is starting over by you, we seem to be well on our way to summer already, it's so hot here.

I have neck and back issues too, matter of fact I pulled something my neck this morning and I'm in pain LOL