Friday, April 15, 2011

Friday's Fave Five #135

Hi and welcome to Friday's Fave Five.   I just about put up my winter button this week, and if you want to know why, go here, but I just couldn't do it.  So we keep the tulips and we will move along and look for our favorites out of the week.

1.  This Book.  I originally saw it highly recommended by Carrie and I am so glad I took her recommendation.  It was an excellent read and kept my interest from the first page to the last.  Thanks Carrie.  My review is here (scroll to #11).  That makes 6 completed off my Spring Reading list.

2.  Celebrations.  At our ladies study this week we had a party to celebrate accomplishment of one of the ladies graduating and recieving her Master's degree in psychology.  We have watched her go through a 2 year journey of going back to school and all that entailed to watching God provide for her in every way even when circumstances were saying otherwise.  We've watched her faith grow and we are so excited to see what awaits her.

3.  A purring, cuddly cat.  Lately our cat, Muffin, has gotten back to being affectionate and cuddly once more with me.  She really started to get that way with me last year but when the new puppy, Todd, came to live with us she bolted and pretty much stayed downstairs for the first few months.  She started hanging out in the living room again with us and now she's starting to get affectionate with me once more.  I've missed it so I'm soaking it up when she offers it.

4.  A new jacket.  My jacket's zipper finally bit the dust a couple months ago.  I finally picked up another one last weekend.  I love it.  It's super light weight and yet warm for those colder spring days.  It's keeps out the wind which is a necessity around here, is a gorgeous blue color and best of all it was $30 off.

5.  Sharing a Costco supper with youngest daughter.  It wasn't so much what we ate, it was time spent together, without rushing to be somewhere.

What were your favorites this week?  If you're new you can get details here, then do up a post and join us by adding yourself to Mr. Linky.  Please link your specific post and not your home page so it makes it easier for others to come by and read your FFF post.  Have a great weekend everyone.


nikkipolani said...

Sorry about your snow, Susanne, but hopefully that makes Muffin extra cuddly. Your celebrations sound very joyous for your friend who graduated. I love your #5 -- it's the time during the meal that's precious.

Willow said...

I hope that snow is melting quickly! Muffin change in showing affection is a good sign that she has accepted the dog and forgiven you. Isn't it wonderful to spend time your girl?

LivingforGod said...

Sounds like you had a nice week. Muffin looks very sweet :). Enjoy your weekend.

Melissa said...

Celebrations like that--after a long journey--are so special. I can imagine how delighted you all were to celebrate with her!

Why are zippers on jackets always the first part to fail? That happened to me last year, too. :)

Have a blessed week, and thanks for hosting FFF!

Laura@OutnumberedMom said...

Nothing like a good book! I saw Carrie's mention of it and thought it looked interesting. Now I'll have to look it up. Celebrations are great, and I'm sure she enjoyed all of your ladies' support. Have a great week ahead!

hip-chick said...

Lately, I have been spending time like that with my daughters. they don't live at home anymore and it is so nice when we get together.

Lisa notes... said...

I love your # 5. It's always valuable, but even more so as everybody grows older.

Sorry your weather turned cold again. Yuck. But glad you found a jacket you love!

Gonna be out today so I'll be back later this weekend to visit around!

Kathie said...

I checked to see if that book is at our library but it's not - too bad - it looks good. I'll add it to their recommendation list and hopefully read it soon!

Congratulations to your friend - that's quite an accomplishment!

I had a lovely time with my daughter last weekend too - it's precious, isn't it!

So sorry about the snow - what a drag - but hopefully you'll get one of your Chinooks and it will be gone in an hour or two!

Happy weekend Susanne!!

Mom24 said...

I love your list, and I'm more than a bit jealous of your Costco supper. I miss my girl. :)

Brenda said...

You know there are few things I enjoy more than a cute cat! And a dinner with a daughter is always one to make our week special!

Jerralea said...

Ooh, I love dinners that can be spent without rushing to be somewhere!

I always love getting new clothes, and $30 off makes it just that much sweeter!

Have a great weekend!

Karyn said...

That book looks very interesting. Thanks for the recommendation.

Congrats to your friend!

Sounds like a great week.

Gattina said...

It always takes some time before a cat gets used to a "newcomer" (or never) my Pookie still can't stand little Rosie, they "friendly" hiss at each other after nearly 4 years together,lol !

Barbara H. said...

What a great accomplishment for your Bible study friend! And how neat to celebrate it as a group.

That jacket sounds great, and a relaxed dinner is perfect.

Carrie said...

HURRAY! =D Spreading the Kitchen Boy love! ;D Wasn't it awesome!? I liked it so much and a friend tipped me off to the fact that there are two follow-up books. I just got my copy of the "sequel" (Rasputan's Daughter) in the mail and started it yesterday. Equally compelling (but a bit more dicey, I have to say.) I expect to finish it shortly because it's riveting all the same.

Didn't get a post up for today BUT - it's my last weekend to be pregnant. ;) And that kind of sums up my entire FFF post - if there was one. The next will be pictures and the announcement!

Faith said...

My youngest would love to cuddle with your cat....and dinners with daughters is truly that book looks interesting!! good grief Susanne you are so far ahead of me with completing your spring list...this one you talk about will have to go on my summer reading list...haha....enjoyed your faves....mine is up

Dee said...

I wonder why it is that a coat's zipper is always the first thing to go? In fact, often they don't seem to work correctly when they are brand-new. Glad you were able to find a nice, new one for Spring.

Our Village is a Little Different said...

Oh, no! Snow? Blah! I hope it's gone for good now. This has been the longest winter, ever. I'm glad you had a good book and a cuddly cat to see you through.

Congrats to your friend, that's wonderful, and so is special mother/daughter time.

Wear your new jacket in good health and happiness, and thanks for hosting. :)

Karen said...

The book is now on my TBR list. It sounds like a wonderful story. Funny how pets go through their moods, just like people. We had to fence off much of our yard (trying to regrow the grass that was destroyed from all the digging by our puppy), and I swear she wouldn't look at me for a day.
So nice that you got to spend one-on-one time with your daughter. I love being able to do that with each of my kids.

Hope you're having a great weekend, Susanne!