Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Mixed Up Does as Mixed Up Is

I am so mixed up in my days. (And evidently in my titles too!  Does that title even make sense? Or should it be "Mixed Up Is as Mixed Up Does?"  Oh well.)  It seems lately that it's never the day I think it is.  Today I thought it was Thursday already. Yesterday I thought it was Monday.   I wonder what I'll think tomorrow will be.  So in that vein I think I'll do a post of mixed thoughts because obviously mixed up is where I'm dwelling right now.

We woke up to a gorgeous morning today.  Yesterday was -23*C (brrrr) and today is 0*.  Gotta love Southern Alberta. Definitely heading outside with the kids today.  I think I'll try and take Todd out for an early morning walk before work all this week seeing as it's now light out at that time.  Providing it's nice at 6:30  in the a.m.

Not looking forward to losing an hour sleep this weekend.  It is the weekend we turn the clocks forward, right?  I'm already stressing about it.

I've got several books on the go right now.  I'm doing a book for review that will have the review posted this weekend.  I won't be finishing it by that time because I only received it last week but it is good.  It's non-fiction and try as I might to just read it straight through for the review I find myself not being able to help taking notes so it's taking longer.  It's very good and definitely convicting.  I'm going to make a concerted effort to do as much of it that I can before the review but I know I'll be going back to it and doing a deeper study for sure.

I need to put an ad in the paper for another dayhome child.  This is the part of my job I find most difficult.  Those interviews even after 21 years of doing this do not come any easier.

On that thought, I am really considering taking some courses in library sciences.  I don't know why I never pursued becoming a librarian as it's always been a passion from the time I was an elementary school  kid.  I think I got really distracted in high school with the social scene.  Anyway that's another post.  But I've heard that there will be lots of retirements of librarians in the school districts around here over the next few years, so I'm really considering taking the plunge.  It's never too late, right?  The thought of homework though makes me cringe.

I colored my hair on the weekend trying that new foam haircolor that is supposed to be really easy.  Sigh.  I've never had such a mess.  I got dye all over my son's bathroom wall.  Hubby was not impressed.  And the color came out way darker than I thought it would.  With my luck, this will not fade fast, just because I want it to.  Maybe I'll try to put some high lights into this weekend.

And on that note I need to get to work.  I see some instrument crafts in my very near future.


ellen b. said...

Oh my yes, I mean no, what I meant to say is I have no clue what day of the week it is. I hope you get things straightened out. Enjoy your day outside!!
For the record if I tried to color my hair it would probably all fall out.

Karen said...

Forget the shoes! We are long lost twins. I want to be a librarian, too! I've thought about applying at our library as an aide, but just can't make the commitment to work right now. I would LOVE to go back to school. OMG. Do you think we could do an online course together?? We could be in school and be BFFs.

Hope I'm now weirding you out by this:P)

Susanne said...

Karen, my long lost twin could never weird me out! ;v)

Susanne said...

Ellen, I've seriously wondered a few times if that would be my result too!

Faith said...

lol...loved this! But I can relate...believe you me! As for coloring my hair...i HAVE to pay someone....otherwise I'd be a mess!...for some reason when I clicked on the post I saw when I logged in to my blog, your post with what I think is a recipe, it wouldn't open! argh....will try to find it by going directly to your blog...see you soon..oh! I'm starting a Food blog and hopefully transferring all my recipes over to it....come and visit soon....hopefully it will be up and running by will be called faithfixes.

Donnetta said...

I, too, am not looking forward to losing an hour this weekend. But funny how I'm always excited about gaining that hour in the fall. LOL

I am eager to see what book you are reading. I'll be watching for the review.

And as for haircolor, I have found the one that works and I have not been tempted yet to veer for anything new. Yes, I'm a chicken when it comes to those things.

Barbara H. said...

I have never colored my hair, but I have been thinking about it. I don't mind the increasing gray strands as much as the mousy brownish color my once blond hair has turned. But I've been afraid to for various reasons.

I hope you go for the library classes!