Tuesday, February 01, 2011

A valiant effort to remove myself from boring

So yesterday 16 Yr. Old Girl told me my blog had gotten boring.  That I don't post often or consistently.  Sigh.  Tell me something I don't know, Dear Girl.  There just isn't a whole lot of exciting to what my days have become.  Work 10 hours, cook supper, go to the hospital, come home, crash.  I can only find so many words to say about that.   But lets see, there's got to be stuff going on other than that.

Let's talk weather.  It has been nuts around here.  What a winter.  We had so much snow in December and January and then last week the chinook blew in.  In three days it was almost all melted.  All except for my 3 1/2 foot hill in the backyard.  That just compacted and turned into an ice hill.  Then all of a sudden in the matter of a day the snow came back on the weekend and we have gone from a balmy and warm windy 8*C (46*F) to a frigid -29*C with a freezing wind chill taking it to -36*C or so.  That would be -15* in Fahrenheit terms with a wind chill factored in making it feel like -33*F.  That is c-o-o-o-ld people!  Even my dog doesn't want to go outside.  Which is interesting when one is tryng to housebreak a puppy.  And then by Friday this week it's supposed to be back up to 8*C.  Only in Southern Alberta.  If you don't like the weather just wait a few minutes.

Speaking of the puppy, he's a-growing.  The kids are having fun having a lively one like him around but with this cold weather and no one, not even him, wanting to go for a walk to burn off energy, the stinker has found himself in trouble a few times.  But then he turns on the cuteness factor.

The cuteness factor, however, does not work with feline fur ball.  At all.  No way, no how.

She is not impressed at all.  Muffin just wishes that durn dog would just quit invading her bubble.  And she's got a pretty large bubble when it comes to him.   I think she wishes he would stay in this state a lot more often.

Not likely, poor Muffin, not likely.


ellen b. said...

Leave it to the 16 year old, LOL!
Boy I wouldn't want to go out in that cold either! Yikes.
Hope things warm up for you soon...

Barbara H. said...

Hope the prognosis on your MIL is good.

I know it's wearing and stressful to have a family member in the hospital.

I'm glad I live in the usually sunny South!

Doggie accidents are one reason I really don't like them inside, but with a winter like that it can't be helped.

Hope everything settles down to "normal" soon!

nikkipolani said...

Glad to hear from you, Susanne. Sorry that your days are so full every minute, but sometimes that's the way it is for a while. Todd is adorable. Animals instinctively know how to turn up the charm, don't they? Give Muffin a consoling kiss from me.

Michelle said...

I hope it warms up for you soon..Brrr that's cold :)
Todd is adorable ,I can just imagine the fun the dayhome kids have with him.Poor kitty ;(
I wish for a speedy recovery for your MIL {{{hugs}}}

Finding Pam said...

I am sorry to hear about your MIL. I hope she is better soon.

What does a 16 year old know? Was that your daughter that said that or someone else?

I can't imagine that kind of weather and all of that snow. We are getting high winds right now and it is going to be very cold for us. East Texas is just not used to that kind of brutal weather.

Stay warm and stay safe.

Danielle Leigh said...

Wow! That sounds cold! I am soooo ready for summer!

Susanne said...

Pam: Yes it was my girl. LOL. She was trying to shake me out of my blogging slump.

Karen said...

I remember when my son (probably 16 at the time) told me my blog needed a "theme." That it was all over the place. "Like my life," I replied. KIds! :P

I love coming over here to your place. You are NOT boring! I love how you see the beauty in everyday life, how you make me laugh, and how I just know that if we lived on the same street, we'd be at each others houses having a cup of coffee.

Kathie said...

I think my 16 yr olds thought my life was pretty boring let alone my blog :)

Hoping your MIL is recovering Suzanne - and that life settles soon.

Your new pup is so cute. Bet he's bringing smiles all the way round.

Karyn said...

I don't find your blog boring, Suesanne. I think we go through cycles, anyway. Sometimes life is too busy to blog. Sometimes there just isn't anything to say. No worries.

Hope your MIL is doing better!

All I can say about the weather is Thank YOu Lord, that the deep freeze is forecast to be short. Bring on the milder temps! I hate this cold.

Faith said...

We are getting socked with snow...you might see NYS on the news!
Your 16 yr old sure is something! Sounds like my 17 yr old in some ways.....how is the MiL??
Hey...I awarded you with the Stylish BLog Award...come on over and get it!

Linda said...

I think you are a hero just to get a blog post up with the schedule you have these days Susanne. It's good to hear from you.
We've had some up and down weather here too. It was 80 a couple of days ago. We were walking in shorts. Today it was in the 30's and will go down into the teens tonight. Mighty cold for us Texans.
The puppy is adorable.

BARBIE said...

At least your daughter reads your blog. My kids haven't looked at mine since I started. It was raining here over the weekend, but today it was in the high 60's. Weird weather. Praying our MIL is doing well and things get better soon. That puppy is too cute!

Laura said...

Such cute companions! Love the look on that cat's face.