Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Book Tour ~ Lady in Waiting

"Lady in Waiting" by Susan Meissner

Old connects with new.   Historical fiction meets and connects with contemporary fiction in the stories of two women with centuries separating them.  What connects them is a ring and a life of other's making decisions and choices for them.  When circumstances come to a head in both of their lives they come to a crossroads and must make the decision to choose their own fates.

Lady Jane Grey is a young girl of 11 when Lucy Day becomes her dressmaker. Not living at home, she is basically a political & religious pawn as her parents negotiate her engagement and marriage.  Receiving a ring from the one she truly loves, she must hide it as she is not to follow her heart.  When the manipulations of those around her start to fall apart, she finally has the opportunity to decide her own fate.

Four hundred years later Jane Lindsay, an antique shop owner, receives a shipment of boxes bought at an English jumble sale by her London contact.  Inside a locked box is a centuries old Protestant prayer book and within it's fragile binding Jane finds an old ring with a latin inscription and the name Jane.  As her own life is unraveling she begins a pursuit to find the original Jane of the ring.  Soon the two Jane's stories pick up some similarities even though they lived centuries apart and the contemporary Jane must also take a look at her own life and choose her own fate.

Susan Meissner again writes the kind of story I could not put down.  I was quickly caught up in both trails of the story and I thought she wove the two together seamlessly connecting the ring in both women's worlds.  I was never confused between the two and never forgot details of one while the other was being told.  I thought it was a wonderful read that would appeal to both the historical fiction fans and the contemporary fiction fans.

Thank you to Waterbrook Multnomah Publishing Group for providing the book free for review.

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Barbara H. said...

This sounds good -- another to put on my list!

Jen said...

I just put this on my "spring can't get here soon enough" reading list. Great review!