Thursday, January 06, 2011

The Post That Has No Idea What to Call Itself

So last night was the big night of the puppy's first vet visit with us. Let's just say he, meaning the dog, was not in the least impressed.  In fact, the poor little thing was so stressed with all of the "bottom end" exam, the tooth exam and the ear exam and then 2 needles in the bottom that he went straight to his doggy bed and zonked out when we got home.  I can  relate.  That's how I feel after my big yearly exam.  Too my recollection, though, I never tried to bite my doctor.  And I'm sure she appreciates that greatly.  Anyway, I didn't even get a picture because I was too busy trying to hold Todd in a headlock hold so he wouldn't nip, read: bite,  the vet.  The headlock hold is kindly demonstrated for you by these volunteers:

Who knew all those Saturday mornings of watching Stampede Wrestling as a kid would come in handy.  To say I was sweating a bit when it was all done is an understatement.

 Hubby and I were very impressed with the vet we chose.  He had been our vet when Sam, our other dog had gotten so sick and we had to put him to sleep, so it was nice to see him work with a healthy puppy too.  The compassion and understanding of the staff is what took us back.  This is the first time I've ever experienced a vet and his assistant get right down on the floor to let the dog sniff and check him out and to pass the dog a treat to build some trust instead of just plonking the animal up on the table.  Hopefully now Todd will forget all about the bottom area check thing before we have to go back in a month.  Otherwise, I might need some catch up lessons on the full nelson hold from my sister before we go back.  She was pretty good at whipping them off.  I should know.  I was her practice dummy volunteer playmate.


Donnetta said...

Oh Susanne, this had me laughing. Your "volunteers" to demonstrate are too funny!

Our vet also gives doggy treats... with every visit. He doesn't seem to mind the check so bad when he knows there's a treat or two in the mix.

Hoping puppy is as eager for the treat next time and gives you a break, to take a picture of course. :-)

Faith said...

lol.....too funny!