Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Book Review ~ A Time to Surrender

My book basket, it over-floweth.  So this year I determined I was going to be very selective about review books and stay away from the any sections in the library other than children's books, so that I could start reading what I already had.  That basket needs a serious dent made in it already.  Then I went and got three gift cards to the Christian book store for Christmas and my birthday.  LOL.  Such is life.  My family knows what makes me happy.  But I did finish one today from that notorious basket.  The third in a serious that I have been really enjoying.

The review is up here on my book review blog.  Scroll to #2.

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Faith said...

oh wow....i've read Gary Smalley nonfiction books..will head over to check this out! Oh..and i'm doing a book's a short, excellent book about marriage, submission, etc. it is VERY GOOD!!