Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Fall Into Reading 2010 Wrap Up Party

Today is the day.  Fall is gone.  Winter is officially here, though we could have sworn winter arrived here in November.  And with that means the Fall Into Reading Challenge is finished.  I love Katrina's reading challenges.  They are flexible which is a good thing because it never seems I stick exactly to my list.  I always have lofty goals on "this time" reading everything on my list before I add other books but then along comes review books.  And the books I just can't turn away from the library.  Though why I go to the library when I've got a list is something I can't answer.  I'd probably make a good subject for a psychology report.

This fall I completed 8 of the 11 books on my original list, which is really good, and I finished off with 2 review books that came in after the list was made,  for a total of 10 books this fall.  Considering I work full time and am involved in a few church things, and taking into account a couple of weeks where I just couldn't I think that's pretty good.  And throw in the fact that 3 of the finished books were non-fiction, well I think I did amazing!  LOL.  Katrina, can you believe I actually finshed 3 non-fictions?  I think that's some kind of record for me since starting these challenges.

While I really enjoyed all the books I think "The Moment Between" was my favorite of the group.  It was absolutely gripping and emotional and beautifully written. Hard to put down and hard to forget afterwards.  I didn't have a least favorite.  They all were good reads for me this time around.  Reviews for all my reads are here.

Thanks Katrina, for hosting another fun season of reading.


Lisa notes... said...

Add me to your psychology study; I can’t resist library books either, even when I have a stack of my own at home. Isn’t it hard to choose a favorite? I always have a hard time with that.

Barbara H. said...

I haven't read any Terry Blackstock in a while -- will have to look up tat book. You did a great job!

ruthhill74 said...

I just found you because of the challenge, and when I looked at your reading list, I knew I had to begin following your blog! I love reading good Christian books, and the one you picked by Gary Smalley sounds great. I may have to update my reading list. I am now following you. Here's my blog if you are interested: