Thursday, October 28, 2010

A Quick Drive By Quote For Ya

As you can tell, I have not been around this week. We've had a really nutty couple of weeks with a family member in and out of emergency and hospital several times, so my brain is mush and I just haven't had time to blog. But I found this quote and it really struck me so here ya go:

"We have been given an absolute armload full of blessings and gifts from God. But instead of appreciating or even paying attention to what we've been given, we often pitch a fit and drop everything to run after the one thing we want."

Dr. Gregory L. Jantz
pg. 157-158

P. S. This book is well worth the read and study. I've gotten so much out of it (my review here, scroll to #38).


Mom24 said...

I hope things get better soon. Very thought provoking quote.

Michelle said...

I am sorry to hear that a family member is not well..{{{{hugs}}}}

Barbara H. said...

I'm so sorry about the family member not feeling well! Hope he/she is back to normal soon.

That is a convicting quote.

ellen b. said...

Glad you took a moment out of "life" to share this with us Susanne!!

Jerralea said...

Sorry to hear of your relative having medical difficulties! Thanks for taking time out to share this quote - it's so true! We focus on the "have not" instead of the "haves"!

Julia said...

That quote is very well timed in my life right now. Thanks for sharing. :)

Heidi... said...

Thanks for sharing this quote!

Hoping everything is better in your home,


Islandsparrow said...

Praying for you Susanne!