Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Where Did the Summer Go?

Has fall arrived already? I don't know about where you live, but it sure seems like it here in Southern Alberta. The apples are falling off the trees showing up in bags on my countertops, given to us by several families who want to share. The youngest has already made our first batch of fall apple crisp and it was delicious. My absolute favorite dessert. I'll have you know I was a very good girl and only had the bowl that was given to me and didn't steal any of the leftovers. I know, miracles do happen. But I'm planning on another batch tonight. I mean, I can't let all those apples go soft now, can I? Waste not want not is what I always say. I see some apple stamping pictures in my near future too.

The last of the corn seems to be out already from the local farmers. I was so shocked about this when I went to one of the myriads of stands within blocks of my house to buy some. I totally missed it this year in the corn department. So in order to get my yearly fall fill, I, in a panic, bought two dozen. We'll be eating a lot of corn in the next week. And apple crisp. We're nothing if not all about a good balanced meal around the Living to Tell household.

The nights are cooling right off too. Last night it got down to 2*C. Two degrees off freezing! Now that is getting nippy. I'm clicking onto the weather network constantly to figure out whether I should cover my poor tomatoes or not at night. I would absolutely cry if I lost these lovelies right before they were ready after babying them all summer long.

My entry closet is burgeoning with jackets. My families and the dayhome kids too. Jackets accidently get left each night because the days get warm, sometimes even hot by afternoon but they arrive wearing coats because it's cold in the early morning. The weekend was on the cold side, with rain on Sunday, but I'm sure Indian summer is just around the corner. That always presents interesting clothing choices. Mornings are cold so we automatically reach for long jeans or pants and warmer shirts and a jacket and by noon it is smoking hot, sometimes into the high 20's (C) which is getting close to the 80's (F). Layered is definitely the way to go with fall around here.

So far so good on the wasp front this year. Usually by now, I sometimes won't even go outside there are so many and they're usually crazy at this time of year, flying right at you and not leaving us alone. I think it's because they're beginning to get nipped at night with cold and it makes them psychotic or something. But I've only seen one or two, so maybe the neighborhood has finally gotten rid of some nests. That reminds me I have to get hubby or son to fill the wasp traps with pepsi or coke. Last year those things were full. Blech. Man, they make my skin crawl.

At the grocery store yesterday, I found a sure sign of fall. Pool noodles, which regularly sell for $9.99, were 44 cents. That is a sign for me to stock up. Around here we don't use them in the pool. Instead thanks to my son, the dayhome kids have a round or two or ten, of trying to beat on all 6' 2" of him after he cuts the noodles in half and bops them a few times with it. Needless to say they don't last long so this is when I stock up.

Another sign of fall, at least to this book loving blogger is the Fall Into Reading Challenge coming up. I know I'm weird, but I love getting a list together for this. It is fun looking for books I want to read in the coming months.

What are the signs of fall in your area and have you hit them yet or are you still basking in the end of summer?


Tina Leigh said...

Fall is on my mind too but I can only dream of the weather your having....it is HOTTTTTTT here! I am so envious of your apples. Pears here but no apples.

ellen b. said...

Glad you are enjoying your apple crisp Susanne. The signs abound around here too that Fall is around the corner. Today I was smiling as I watched the kids from the neighborhood walking to school with their book bags :0)

Moira said...

Fall is coming here, too! I am a part-time food demonstrator and we are already sampling out soups, warm casseroles, and fall desserts. I'm shocked.

If the frost nips your tomatoes, it looks like you have some beauty green ones to slice and fry up! Mmm, quite possibly my favorite veggie dish...fried green tomatoes with some cornbread.

Hollace said...

It is the first day of school, and today the yellow school buses were going down the street. I live across from an elementary school, so parents were lined up delivering their little ones and walking them to the door. Also, the "school zone" blinking yellow lights were on for the first time in 3 months, so drivers, beware of your speed!
We were camping along the Oregon coast last weekend and the cold nights and mornings were the biggest indicator of Fall in the air.

Shelly @ Life on the Wild Side said...

Oh, Fall is here, too! I love it! The crisp, clear days are just wonderful. And I can hardly wait for apple crisp. Mmmm. Maybe next weekend.

Faith said...

well, we had a "taste" of autumn while on the cape this past weekend but once we got home (very LATE last nite) it got hot and humid again. Today was 88 and my AC had to go on when I returned from helping to set up the classroom. Tomorrow is supposed to be icky with 90degrees and high humidity.....but...supposedly a cold front is coming thru and we'll be back to early autumn temps again which i LOVE. Signs of fall here are apples are ready at the orchards according to the news and we go back to school tomorrow!! also, a couple of maple trees have leaves that are starting to turn red and orange. I LOVE autumn!! but will miss the lazy hazy days of summer, too!

Sandy@Jesus and Dark Choc said...

I start school tomorrow! Fall is here.....I wore a sweatshirt and jeans to my son's baseball tournament this past weekend. A sure sign of fall. :) Your Apple Crisp sounds wonderful! We downed a gallon of apple cider in 2 days, Labor Day Weekend!

Nancy said...

School started here today and there are crates in the onion and squash fields, that means fall. We have been having really blustery days but temps still mild with cool evenings.. I love the fall not the winter. and Apples are one of my favorite fruits. Nice blog I just found you.

Jennifer said...

Fall is definitely on the horizon...the mornings and the evenings especially tell me so - it is the "still a tad too warm" mid hours that are a bit confusing:) Oh, but I do love apple season!!

Islandsparrow said...

Well Earl took care of the heat waves last week. It's certainly cooler here especially at night which makes it wonderful for sleeping. But no leaves turning yet. I baked yesterday - always a sign of cooler weather. I need to drop over to our local apple orchard and see how it fared through Earl. We usually don't pick until Oct though - the Sept apples are pretty sour.

Wish I could take a bit of that apple crisp off your hands. I like to help out that way :)

Karen said...

Lovely post! My friend just delivered a big box of peaches to my front door, from the western slope. In the past, I've made peach jam, but last year the kids ate them too fast, so there weren't enough left.

Thanks for the mention about the fall reading challenge. I never, never reach my goal, but it's always fun to make a plan!