Tuesday, September 28, 2010

FIR Question #1

This year with Fall Into Reading, Katrina is posing a question every Tuesday that has to do with reading. She's curious about what we have to say about reading and it's a great way to connect with other FIR participants. So here's this week's question:

What do you think is the biggest obstacle to your reading? What prevents you from reading as much as you’d like? OR, if you feel like you already read as much as you want to, what choices have you made to make that happen?

I've often said I really wish I had a job where I could just read all day long. Of course, now that I think on it, it would probably only be fun if I could read just what I wanted to. Somehow reading quantum physics textbooks all day for proof reading as a job changes things in the "fun" department. LOL. I read quite a bit and rarely does a day go by that I don't read. I don't read as fast or as much as some of you who have dozens of books on your lists but I think it's pretty good for me considering what else goes on in my life. But on thinking on the question, if I were truly honest, I cannot blame my job (other's have jobs too), or my other involvements such as church and family activities (most of us have a life outside of reading). The answer would definitely have to be tv and blogging. I have definite shows I like to watch and reading goes by the wayside when I watch those. Sometimes I do read while the tv is on and I can mostly manage to do that depending on the book and the show but I definitely read slower and probably with a whole lot less remembering. And since starting blogging, that has taken a big chunk out of my reading books time. There just isn't enough time in a day for me to be able to read all the blogs I like to read and read the amount of books I want to read. So one of them has to give a bit and that goes back and forth on which one it is.

So what stops you from reading as much as you'd like?


Barbara H. said...

I am much the same way -- my reading is not as much as it would be without the computer and TV, But I am okay with that. I read it a bit more in the summer when there's not so much of interest on TV. But reading is a solitary activity aside from discussing it on my blog, and many of our favorite TV shows we watch together a a family.

It is hard to keep computer time in line. There is so much good stuff out there, but I need to keep the time down -- I am spending too much as it is.

Tina Leigh said...

I dont know if there is enough space to say it all. Just life I guess...12 hour shifts, a farm, a husband, a grandchild. I still read but it takes me forever to finish a book.

Faith said...

blogging and facebook. I waste soooo much time on facebook that I have actually had to make a plan to not be on there this month other than to check inbox msgs. And I am only gonna answer the really important msgs that require a response.
As for blogging...well...i love to write but even with my blog I am telling myself to just read a few faves each day or every couple days so I can get back to one of my fave pastimes: READING!!! (am almost done with The Help...it is EXCELLENT, Susanne...you are going to love it I think. There were parts of it that made me ashamed to be a white person!....really opened up my eyes to the racial tensions in the 60's when I was just a little girl)

Anonymous said...

The job. Takes all day!

Really, though, it's probably blogging. I don't watch any TV but my evenings and weekends seem to fill up on their own!

Katrina @ Callapidder Days said...

I find that if I'm blogging regularly, I'm reading less... So I tend to go through phases -- more reading / less blogging...and then more blogging / less reading. It's all about give and take, I guess. :)