Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Change, Paint Color and Crazies

Change. It only took 17 years to talk hubby into it. But change is a-coming around the Living to Tell household. It's going to go from this:

white, on white, on white to a nice taupe. And by white, I mean white. For 17 years in this house and 6 years in our other home I have had a very white, I do believe the name of it was Marine Super White, house, fence, garage, shed. To say our backyard was bright was an understatement. It was nice and clean looking with it's dark green trim but I always longed for color. And hubby finally caved to my asking nagging shameless begging.

But then we had to pick a color. Which around our house is a huge involvement of time and energy, debate and compromise. In fact, the little men in uniform are on standby with the straight jackets in hand. First we took our color fans, yes we own our own decks of color fans. (We finally broke down and bought them when he started working at the paint store. If you knew us and color and the great color debates and discussions that occur around this topic, this purchase would make total sense to you.) Then we drove around a newer neighborhood burning gas for two hours trying to match colors and finding something we both liked. Good luck, Mr. & Mrs. Living to Tell. To say our tastes differ in the understatement of the decade.

Finally we settled on a few options. Then we had to buy the big, I believe they are about 18" x 18" color cards of the chosen options and tape them up on the house. In several spots. Over and over again. At different times of day so we could see the color as different light hit it. As we stood as far away as across the street. And this is the part that explains where we looked like the loony tune family on the block, hence the nice men with the straight jackets. Yes, we are nothing if not thorough in our color decisions.

Finally we picked one. And all excited we painted the front porch. But then we weren't so sure. Darn paint changes once you get it all up. It was really nice and all, but a bit too beige and a bit too olive. So back to the drawing board with the big cards. And we picked another. I like it. Hubby likes it, though he wants to go darker but I'm digging in the heels on that one.

So other than Friday's Fave Five which will be as per usual, if I'm really sporadic in the next while, I'm painting or visiting with my girl, whom I'm picking up on Saturday for a two week visit. You just gotta live life before you can blog life, ya know?


Karyn said...

congrats on changing the color of your house! I hope the shade you have settled on is everything you expect! Color is always better than white, IMHO. (my house is pink) (gasp)

Have a wonderful visit with your girl, and don't worry about us - we'll be waiting to hear about your living when you have a break.

Barbara H. said...

Sounds exciting! I have a very hard time deciding on colors, too. Have fun with your girl!

Faith said...

yay for change!
Hope it is everything you house is a light blue with white trim. deck is cedar red. shed is like the house. inside the walls are eggshell which is like a cream and my kitchen is white on white appliances (other than the stainless steel microwave) which I LOVE!!!!!! have fun with your daughter....I too am on a break sorta from blogging fave fives will be up! :)

Gattina said...

sounds very difficult when two ideas should be put under one hat !
I have no difficulties with my Mr. G. He just doesn't care I could paint the rooms in zebra black and white or all black or all pink he wouldn't even notice,and if don't care, lol !
BTW my fave 5 are up so to say.

Joanne said...

Decisions can be so difficult especially in the area of paint colours! Many people labour over that decision as it is costly and somewhat permanent.
I am sure your choice will be great and your home will look stunning!
Can't wait to see the after pics!