Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Questions Answered

Last week I asked you all to ask me whatever you liked (as long as it was family friendly :) ) and that I would do my best to answer some questions you wanted to know. You guys asked some great ones. So today I'm going to tackle a couple of them. They might not appear in the same order as some will require more detailed of an answer.

For now the very first one comes from my Canadian west coast blogging buddy Michelle. She asked:

Did you grow up in Canada? Or Hungary? I was born and raised in Canada in the same city I live in today. I've never moved away, not even for school. All my relatives however, are in Hungary except for one Aunt who lives in Australia but has disconnected herself from the family. I have only ever visited Hungary once in my life when I was 10 years old and it's the only time I've ever seen my Grandparents. With the exception of 2 of my uncles who visited here, that is the only time I have ever met my extended family. I do talk to one of those uncles at Christmas time on the phone, though, so that's really nice. My parents came to Canada in the '56 Revolution. Both my parents had to learn English and because my Dad worked outside the home he learned faster than my Mom and so my primary language growing up was Hungarian. In fact I was put into kindergarten a year earlier, unheard of at that time, no such thing as pre-schools back then, so I could learn more English as I went through Kindergarten twice. Mom and Dad found a kindergarten willing to take me on. And the rest is history, I haven't stopped talking since.

Karen, my long lost twin, asked:

Well, let's see. I know what your favorite ice cream is, what your wedding dress looked like and what kind of books you like to read:)

What was your favorite vacation of all time? My favorite vacation of all time is a toss up. I have not been on a lot of "huge" vacations in my life but "huge" also doesn't necessarily make for favorite. But I have to say that my favorite vacation has been when I was 10 and we went "home" to Hungary. I was finally able meet all my cousins, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. I experienced life in the big city, Budapest, and life in a little town, Tiszafured. The hospitality, the culture, the food and oh, the beautiful architecture and country is forever marked in my heart. It was quite the experience for a 10 year old. I have many, many memories of it and treasure them all. I've been secretly yearning to go back ever since.

The next one comes from my good blogging buddy, Faith:

oh wow....well...I'd love to know where you'd like to visit if you could go anywhere in the world, and why would you choose that place? also, have you ever traveled "down here" in the USA and if so, where? and if not, what state most intrigues you or which state would you most like to visit and why?

Well that is a loaded question, Faith, because I've always had the desire to travel. Unfortunately, so far, I haven't fulfilled a whole lot of that in my life. So my bucket list of travel is quite extensive. LOL.

Other than the going back to Hungary trip, one of my life time travel desires has been to see my own country. I love Canada and think the variety in the different provinces is amazing and beautiful. Unfortunately, there too, I haven't seen a whole lot. I would love to visit every single province. But my absolute first stop would be Prince Edward Island, where my blogging buddy Kathy lives. I've wanted to go there and Nova Scotia since I was in elementary school. I am determined to fulfill that dream in my lifetime! But for now, I visit vicariously through Kathie's beautiful blog.

My next choice would be a trip to Ireland. I would love to go on one of those trips where you get to stay in a different castle every few days and really get to see the whole country and the great towns that make up Ireland.

Another thing on my bucket list would be to take a Mediterranean cruise. The kind that makes all the stops and lets you go explore the countries. My heart yearns for this. I have all these grand illusions of what a romantic, beautiful trip that would be. And I'd get to see a whole bunch of countries and experience a whole bunch of cultures all wrapped up in one awesome trip. If I couldn't talk my hubby into getting on a boat, then I'd love to do the whole European tour thing. I'd visit every single tourist thing to experience all the history and architecture, which is incredible, and then I'd just go into the countryside and see the "real" country and visit with people who live it and really get to experience their culture outside of the touristy stuff. But I'd have to win the lottery for either of these ones. And seeing as I don't play the lottery the chances of it happening are quite slim.

As far as visiting my U.S. neighbor, I have been to Hawaii, another favorite vacation. And I've been into Montana and Idaho. My memories of vacation in Cour de Alene are of a very beautiful little resort town. I'd love to visit all over the States too. The Grand Canyon has always drawn me. I'd love to drive the Oregon Trail. And Faith's love of the Adirondack's makes me want to go hiking there with her. A trip back to Hawaii I'd never refuse. I loved Hawaii. I'd move there if I could. I wonder if they need a good dayhome there? Although I have to admit I would totally miss my mountains. And four seasons. So maybe just a nice little vacation home there would be good. :v)

Whew, now I'm totally wanting a great vacation! LOL. More Questions Answered to come another day. This is actually turning out to be fun. I don't know what I was so scared of.


ellen b. said...

It's nice learning a little more about you. I'd love to visit Ireland and Prince Edward Island, too. :0)
I remember starting kindergarten with a limited vocabulary. :0)

Karen said...

You've done a great job of answering these questions, and given a lot of thought to places to travel. That's the first step! A Mediterranean cruise sounds heavenly. I love hearing about your family's immigration from Hungary.

I wish I had started a list. I live in the same town I basically grew up in -- we moved here when I was 7, and I did go away to college, but I've been back since I got married and am raising my kids here.

And . . .honest to goodness, my son who is a senior this year wants to be a paramedic! LOL

Barbara H. said...

It was neat to learn a little more about you! I'd love to visit PEI, too.

Faith said...

LOVED learning more about you!
You have been to the one town out west where my oldest daughter and I want to go!!!! And Courtney will "die" when I tell her you'd like a vacation home in Hawaii. She says if daddy gets another big bonus before she goes to college, she wants to visit that state! (unlikely to happen for us...but...she can dream!) :)
And yes..if you ever come to the ADKS you are SOOOO hiking with me. and maybe we could get Sandy from Jesus and Dark Chocolate blog to join us!
How exciting to be 10 and visiting your "home country".....i loved reading about all that you did.....enjoy your day.....Can I copy your idea of putting this out there to MY readers? A post about any question? This was fun!

Teresa Dawn said...

Your relationship to Hungary is like mine to England.

Although my grandparents are out here, my nana grew had 6 sisters out there so my cousins etc, most family is in England still. I've been there once about 5 years ago and loved it.

For the USA I have been to Washington, Nevada, Oregon, California and New York (just the state, not the City)

And here in Canada I've travelled to Albera, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, & Ontario (I'm from BC)

Donnetta said...

What a rich heritage you have! I didn't realize that you spoke Hungarian. Are you still fluent in it?

If you ever get a chance to travel to all of those places and need a traveling buddy, I'm game. They all sound lovely!

4W said...

One of my favorite camping trips with my family was to Cap Pele, NB with a side trip to PEI to help fill a rainy day. We had a blast! 10 years later my kids still remember it vividly. Two places I would love to visit up that way would be Cape Bretton and the Magdeline Islands.
Thanks for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Wow, I never realized how much you traveled or how much more you'd like to travel! It's great that you were able to retain so much of your Hungarian heritage through family even though you grew up here.

Islandsparrow said...

You and Ellen hop on a plane and come on over!! We'd have such fun :)