Monday, May 31, 2010

Monday Mish Mash... point form.

-youngest daughter (15) attended a huge youth conference out of town on the weekend

-she arrived home at 1:45 a.m.

-last night

-I still had to get up at 6:30 a.m. for work

-hence the point form

-my brain, it's a bit sluggish

-whole sentences, not happening

-or proper punctuation

-the girl, she is still sleeping

-I spent the weekend covering my flowers with sheets and buckets

-because it was barely 1* above freezing at night

-and it snowed

-yes, you read that correctly

-I want spring

-and sun

-and some warmth

-my brain is also "Lost-ified"

-watched 10 episodes of Lost season 1

-it's all Linda's fault

-she's a Lostie, or whatever you call them folks

-she even had a party

-I'm a little behind on the whole Lost craze

-I didn't get the cleaning done on the weekend

-oh well

-wish our long weekend (last week) was this weekend

-how was your weekend


Anonymous said...

A mothers work is never done. ACK snowed? You sure you weren't dreaming it snowed? LOL. Poor thing. I liked LOST. it got a bit funky and hard to follow when they started that time travel. But was a great series.

Barbara H. said...

I just can't imagine it that cold this late in the year. I hope you get some warmth and sunshine soon.

I can totally understand the mindset and point form under the circumstances!

We had a super-busy weekend -- were invited to three events, only attended two, but I was wiped out, and now caught my son's awful cold. I have my husband's permission to be a vegetable today.

It's a good thing we grilled yesterday and had no plans for Memorial Day today because we've had rain and thunderstorms since last night.

Barbara said...

YEs today is much like any other day, and for mom always and every day, hugs Barbara

Faith said...

oh boy....THom said it best :)
You have SNOW????? yikes....we've had perfect temps (unusual for our part of NYS this early in the summer season...then again summer doesn't officially start until June 21 so...) but it usually rains or is chilly at least one day during Memorial Day weekend and this year....we have had temps in low 80's with perfect blue skies and sun every day. Tomorrow is back to work for us....busy week ahead.....

ellen b. said...

Oh no...snow again???
My weekend was full and now my mind is lost...

skoots1mom said...

work, work, work...that's what moms do...
hoping it's warmer
graduation parties--done!!
can't believe they're all grown.
how long will it take us to get our breath back from all this?

spent my weekend at grad'n parties and shopping for new furniture, yippeee!

Teresa Dawn said...

Yikes, snow, really??? And to think we complained about a little rain today :p You can have our spring, we're tire of it and waiting on summer now.