Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Mish Mash

It's Monday. And it's a beautiful spring day. It's actually going to be really warm here today and all week. Yay. Some nice heat and sunshine is due us. And I'm going to enjoy every moment of it. We started off soaking in the sun at the lake on Saturday evening. The majority of Saturday was taken up with the dress rehearsal and the Spring Concert for T's youth orchestra. The kid's did great and I love listening to an afternoon of great strings orchestra. But it did make us antsy to get out in the sun after being inside all morning and afternoon. So as soon as we finished dinner we grabbed the Furry Wonder, also known as the dog, and headed to the lake for a walk.
Mr. & Mrs. Mallard gave us a nice pose in spite of the Furry Wonder prancing around the shore.
As did this guy, though he was keeping a firm eye on me and what I was up to.

Then we found this strange duck along the shore. Never seen this kind around the lake before. We're not quite sure if she was signaling others of it's kind or trying to get us to see something.

You just never know what you will find on a nice spring walk around the lake.


ellen b. said...

Very interesting species for sure!! So glad you are getting some nice weather!!

Barbara H. said...

All sorts of interesting creatures there! I'm glad you're finally getting weather good enough to take nice walks.

Donnetta said...

How wonderful you are getting nice weather! Finally!!

Even more wonderful you used some of it to take a walk at the lake.

Faith said...

lovely pictures.....
and thanks for correcting me about my pink flowers...YES...i think they ARE sweet williams....i tried to google them and that is what looked the closest....i did have a begonia once in a pot......i never know the names of most flowers..just the more common ones :)

Enjoy your spring weather....we are having a lovely day as well...and now I am home from work and ready to read my book on the deck after the laundry goes in :)

Michelle said...

Is that Sun? aren't you lucky!! Enjoy it..