Monday, March 08, 2010

The Week in Words

Melissa over at Breath of Life hosts a weekly carnival called The Week in Words. It's all about sharing quotes from our readings from the past week that have spoken to us or touched us in some way. The only requirement is that they be words you read. I think Melissa is taking a bit of a blogging break right now but I still wanted to do this because I love me some quotes and I think it's a great place to just write them down somewhere.

I saw this quote over at Gold in the Clouds. It really spoke to me because I have some major decisions to make that may change my career after providing child care for 20 years. But, as you can imagine changing careers after 20 years is pretty darn scary and is full of questioning and wondering. It's been really hard and I'm afraid to do the wrong thing, sorta the jumping out of the fry pan into the fire kind of fear.

"Faith isn't the ability to believe long and far into the future. It's simply taking God at His Word and taking the next step."

Joni Erickson Tada

I've been reading this awesome book called "Unexplainable -Pursuing a Life Only God Can Make Possible" (link is in my sidebar). It's been taking me forever because it is one of those books where there are so many gold nuggets that it is full of my underlining and notes and thoughts all over the pages. This week I started a chapter on God-given Passion. It is speaking about when so many people today are just going through the motions of life that people with passion stand out & make a difference. The first sentence started with this quote:

"Catch on fire with enthusiasm, and people will come for miles to watch you burn".

John Wesley quoted in Unexplainable pg 199

It sorta made me laugh because I know he is talking about people being drawn to enthusiasm but my mind sorta first thought with today's voyeuristic world, people enjoy watching others "crash and burn" as evidenced by the profusion of reality tv. LOL. I guess that is where my mind tends to go now with the above mentioned career decision. But when I read it in the correct context that the John Wesley meant, I totally understand what he is saying. I am the same way. I love being around people with passion and enthusiasm. It makes life so much more fun and gives purpose. And usually people with passion and enthusiasm and purpose stir that within others too. And I want to be one of those people. I want to be enthusiastic and full of passion for life and for Jesus. So I love this quote by John Wesley.

Any quotes you'd like to share that stood out to you in your reading this week?


Melanie @ This Ain't New York said...

Love the two quotes! Thanks for sharing that book. I'm at a point where I'm really trying to pursue that passion (in God's Will.) Thanks!

Barbara H. said...

I love the thought about just taking the next step. Sometimes "the big picture" can be frightening or uncertain or overwhelming -- but all we're responsible for is taking the next step by faith.

Donnetta said...

Your first one reminded me of the saying we have on our fireplace. "Faith... is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase."

Faith: First steps... one at a time.

Jerralea said...

Susanne, this seems like an interesting meme - you know how I love quotes!

Just taking the next step - that's a thought I can deal with. After all, Joyce Meyer says God is big enough to correct our mistake if we step out in faith and mess up!