Monday, February 15, 2010

The Week in Words

Melissa at Breath of Life hosts The Week in Words. It's a carnival to celebrate words. Words that inspire, words that make you laugh, words that lift you up, words that direct you. Write a post of quotes that spoke to your heart during the week credited to their author and link back to Melissa.
My first one I found at Donnetta's My Quiet Corner

"The world can out out finance us, out entertain us, and out number us. Let it never be said that the world can out love us."

~Dr. Erwin Lutzer

That is a powerful statement especially when Jesus said that we are to be known for our love. Sometimes I think we lose sight of this and we are trying to compete with other aspects, such as in the financial world and the entertainment world, in order to have a testimony, but in reality what brings testimony to Christ and change is the love that we are supposed to show. This quote is very challenging and convicting and makes me wonder where in my own life I need to readjust my thinking and attitudes so that this quote is evident in my everyday. The answer was everywhere. Ouch.
And then to go with that this quote jumped out at me in the book I am reading. It was in the chapter entitled "God says: "Bear More Fruit". It of course, is talking about doing good deeds.

~"As we travel through life, God wants to express Himself through us."

~" ...simple expressions of "doing good" put the love, the kindness, the goodness, and the gentleness of God on display in a tangible way"

~"I like to think that God places a host of potential good works in my path every day. Then as I walk through my day, it's up to me to respond to each opportunity as a way of bringing God's presence and influence into the world"

~"We engage in good works in response to the influence of the Holy Spirit upon us."

~"As we abide in Jesus, and walk according to the Holy Spirit, we too are able to see the good works in our path and tap into the power of God to carry them out."

~Don Cousins

in Unexplainable: Pursuing a Life Only God Can Make Possible

pg. 121-123

And these quotes from Unexplainable really brought home to me that it is in God's power that we do these works not in our own. Yeah, I think just maybe God might be trying to tell me something.

What quotes have touched your hearts this week? Link up at Breath of Life.


ellen b. said...

Some great quotes Susanne. So true that God is in control...

Brenda said...

This is a great way to start a Monday. Thanks.

Barbara H. said...

The first one really redirects us to the right focus, and the second set helps as well along with reminding us of the source. Good thoughts.

Stephani said...

Great thoughts Susanne and what a great idea for a meme. I love quotes and inspiration words. I have a technical question while I'm here. How do you create the color block that your quotes are typed in. I think that is a nice feature to use in your posts. Anyway. . .have a terrific day!

Karyn said...

great quotes. The first one, especially spoke to me.

Jientje said...

A great way to start the week!

Donnetta said...

Like you, that first quote has been echoing in my own mind for quite some time. The challenge and implications are endless...

Thanks for sharing about how much it spoke to your own heart as well!

Faith said...

These are great....I have a ton of good quotes I may share in the future from a wonderful book I am currently studying called is about really knowing the truth of God for our lives.

Beck said...

That first quote gave me chills. Chills!