Friday, February 05, 2010

Friday's Fave Five #73

Hi Everybody! Welcome to Friday and that means Friday's Fave Five. We'll get right to it! If you are new and would like more info you can go here and then just join right in!

Here are mine for this week:

1. An awesome read. I started a new book this week and boy, is it a great read. It's a totally new to me author and I've just been devouring it. I can hardly wait in the day to grab a moment or two to read a few pages. I love when a book grabs me in from the beginning and keeps me hooked. I'm not even done and can harldy wait to get another one from this author.

2. Good report cards from both my kids for the last quarter. Way to go, guys!

3. Do I dare mention "hoar frost" just one more time? We had another couple mornings of it this last week.

4. Flannel pj's. Soft, comfy, cozy, warm. 'Nuff said.

5. Fuji Apples. My favorite. With a slice of cheddar, even better.

What have been your favorites from this week? Do a post, link up and we'd love to come join you!


e-Mom said...

Apples and cheese... a clear winner. (You must be CDN! Me too.)

My grandfather used to say, "Apple pie without the cheese is like the kiss without the sqeeze." LOL.

Have a wonderful weekend. :~D

e-Mom @ Chrysalis

Hazel said...

Hello Susanne, congratulations on your kids good grades. You are also so blessed to have such a beautiful hoar frost around you, and nothing beats a good read to make a week so enjoyable in the midst of routine. What a nice week you had. Have an even nicer weekend!

Islandsparrow said...

Good morning from the east coast! Got in early this week :)

Yay! I found that book at my library and I'm heading to town later this morning. Looking forward to a good read.

And I'm getting groceries so I'll add Fuji apples to the list.

Congratulations to your kids!! And I hope you get some PJ time this weekend!

Sandy@ Jesus and Dark Chocolate said...

Fuji apples are a treat this time a year, heck all fresh fruit is a treat in the winter. :) Good report cards always bring a smile to mom's face. :)
Love the flannel pjs, can't go wrong!

Melli said...

I'm gonna be needin' me some warm snuggli jammies the next day or two! I fully intend to stay in them for the duration! :)

I'm an apples w/peanut butter girl... I never got that whole apples and cheese thing!

You AMAZE me that you still get excited about hoar frost! But I admit... it IS pretty!

Congrats to the kids!!! And a pat on the back to Mom - surely you must have done something right!

I'm going to look for that book... I wish it sold directly through Amazon. But sometimes I do go with the little off site stores.

Have a great weekend Susanne!

Jientje said...

Fuji aplles and cheddar, sounds delicious. I must try that someday! I think I'll have a red apple and goat's chees for lunch. You inspired me!
Congratulations to the kids!

shopannies said...

always great feeling for moms too when the kids get good grades. It seems to say I am doing o.k.

Stephani said...

One of my goals is to read more fiction. Maybe I'll give this one a try. I like the new Fave Five button! Thanks for hosting again!

Willow said...

Apples: Pink Lady.
Flannel anything: YAY!
Hoar frost: it is beautiful!
Have a great weekend, Susanne!

Lisa notes... said...

I love starting new books, too, especially good ones! Yea for your kids getting good grades. I don't have flannel pj's, but I do have my snuggi and it's keeping me toasty right now. Have a great weekend!

Karen said...

Sandra Dallas is one of my favorite authors -- I didn't know she has a new book out. I'll need to check it out.

These are all great faves! Have a great weekend, Susanne.

Barbara H. said...

I've never heard of that author. I'll be looking forward to hearing more about the book.

Good report cards are uplifting for the whole family! Good job, kids!

Love the feel of flannel.

nikkipolani said...

Oooh, the cool weather here makes your #4 sound cozy indeed! Fruit and cheese are such a nice combination, aren't they? Enjoy your weekend, Susanne!

elizabeth said...

I do LOVE book recommendations! Reading is by far my favorite hobby.

I'm one that has never gotten the apple and cheese thing, but I'll bet that's because my mom and dad never had it growing up. Now that I think about it, I don't think I've ever really had it, so I shouldn't be posting an opinion!!!! :)

Jen said...

I too love fuji apples with cheese....yum!

Mo said...

Jumping right back in, after a looong hiatus - hope that's okay!

Enjoy your weekend, everyone...

ellen b said...

So glad you had a great read. I really do enjoy seeing your hoar frost too. Yippee for your kids. Flannel has become my very good friend....
Have a great weekend Susanne!

Carrie said...

Fuji apples are my favorite!

And I'm all for comfy pj's!

I like the new FFF design. Makes me feel like the year is changing. Which, I suppose, it is!

Catherine said...

Ooh, books. I totally forgot to add that to my Fave Five. I've discovered the mysteries written by Charles Todd -- they take place in England right after World War I, and they're really a great read!

Have a great weekend!

Karyn said...

A Good Read ..... I hear ya! Nothing better, really.

I have been blessed by Hoar Frost several times lately as well - I'm glad you mentioned it again.

Congrats to the students with good report cards!

Blessings this week!

Brenda said...

Good report cards from your kids, thats always nice!

I'm reading that very same book right now and I love it!

I've been in to apples and peanut butter these days myself.

Joy said...

This is my very first time to link to your Friday's Fave Five!! Found you last night as I was exploring in blog world ... what fun ... look forward to seeing you every week about this time!
Have a great weekend.
~ Joy :)

(apples & cheese ... gotta try it!)

Faith said...

I am laughing my head won't believe what I just brought to my computer for lunch...I got home from teaching at 12:45 and was starving....i grabbed some triscuits, cut up a granny smith apple (one of my faves), and sliced some cheddar! Great minds think alike :)

I also LOVE my flannel pj's :)
great list susanne..mine is up

Donnetta said...

The book looks interesting. Thanks for the link. I'm going to read a bit more about it. Like you, a good read is ALWAYS a favorite as far as I'm concerned!

Good school reports are always fav's. You just mention that hoar frost as much as you'd like. Considering we've mostly only had rain this winter, I have missed the beauty of it first hand.

Soft, warm, comfy P.J.'s... YES! Enough said. :-)

Happy Friday!

Marg said...

I need to look for a good book once again. Thanks for the heads up...
Hope your week is going good and enjoy the apple and cheddar for me.

Laura said...

Don't you love those good report cards? I saw those this week, too!

Like Melli, I vote for apples and peanut butter.

Love those flannel PJs -- happy weekend!

Booklassie Dee said...

My brother introduced me to Fiji apples and I've enjoyed them ever since. I love their sweetness. And it's always wonderful to find a new author that you enjoy, isn' it?

Mountain Mama said...

hoar frost, good report cards, a good book, flannel pj's, Fuji
s & cheese. You got it made girl.
I hope we don't get any more frost here. I have been working in flower gardens where many are beginning to grow.

Bless your week end!

Audrey said...

I love how a really good book draws us in! Enjoy!
And I have enjoyed looking at your frosty pictures. Beautiful!

Michelle said...

I think I might have to add that book to my Amazon wish list. We have had our share of beautiful hoar frost this weekend as well, I might add that as a favorite for next week I did take a picture of it. Girl flannel pj's are good any time. Have a great week!