Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Random Dozen with Lid

Linda, more affectionately known as Lidna, has thought of another dozen to ask. If you'd like to join in please visit 2nd Cup of Coffee . It's a lot of fun and it makes you think.

1. When was the last time you craved a food--what was it, and did you cave? The two big foods I usually crave are a certain kind of pizza or chips and dip. Chips and dip was the last craving and yes, I totally caved. Because I had it in the house from Christmas. If I wouldn't have had it sitting there it would have been a different ending to that story.

2. M & M's or Skittles? M&M's for sure.

3. Have you ever read the Bible completely through? No, but I am attempting it this year. I'm doing the chronological read through. And so far, I'm only 4 days behind. LOL. Yay for me. The challenge was subtly thrown down to me by "Miss Bible School Student, otherwise known as my oldest, who was shocked to know I hadn't actually read it through once and said to me "Really, I've read it through 3 times already." Well, hmphh. Can't let that pass by.

4. How long does it take you to really wake up in the morning? Depends on if I got enough sleep the night before but usually a good hour and 2 cups of coffee later to defuzz my brain. I'm forced to function but that doesn't mean I'm fully awake. LOL.

5. Have you ever been on a cruise? If not, would you like to? Have never been but boy I'd love to go. We've always wanted to do an Alaskan Cruise and my dream would be to do the Mediterranean Cruise with lots of stops and tours into Europe.

6. Who is your favorite actress? Sandra Bullock. And I just saw "Blindside" last night and it was soooo good. She played it wonderfully. I hope she wins an award or two for it.

7. ______ is something that I will just never understand. Mega piercings and mega tatoos. I just don't get the draw.

8. How much of a technology junkie are you? Not much. Most of the electronics in the house I wouldn't know what to do with if something went wrong with them. I'm not up on the last thing and wouldn't even know how to operate an MP3 or iPod without the kids showing me.

9. Do you enjoy selecting greeting cards for people, or is it more of a cultural "have to" for you? Looooove greeting cards and always have. I love picking them with the perfect message and picture for the person they are for. What I hate is the ridiculous price that they now are.

10. When was the last time you got a new style/haircut? Sigh. I have hair issues. I've always been a long hair wanna be but can never stand it when it gets to a certain length. I feel better in short hair. But I've still yet to find a style that I really, really love. So I'm pretty much stuck in the same general style. Last haircut I had was a week or so before Christmas. I have to get it cut every 5 - 6 weeks or it starts to "flop" and won't do what I want it to.

11. What do you enjoy shopping for most? That's a toss up between purses, shoes and books. I'll take any of those.

12. What's the last thing you think of before you leave the house? "I'm late, I'm late for a very important date."


Judy said...

Those are a couple of cruises I would love to go on too!
And I am with ya on the tattoos and piercings...

Jewel said...

Hi Susanne! thanks for stopping by my blog.
I'm with you on #1! I seldom have chips in the house because I know who will end up eating them! Oh, especially Doritos!
And I also don't get the tatoos and piercings. Have a great day! :-)

Mom24 said...

I completely relate to the tatoos and piercings. Why would you do that?

Melli said...

LOL! YOU are right on track to read 2/3 of the Bible in a year! :)

Someone on my blog suggested a Blog Friend Cruise! Wouldn't that be SO FUN??? I want to do the Alaskan cruise too - and that is the ONLY one I will ever be able to talk Hubby into -- if any! Hubby can't swim, so getting him INTO a big floating hotel MIGHT be a problem!

Mocha with Linda said...

Loved your answers! And I almost put tattoos when I put piercings as part of my #7. The lips and eyebrows and tongue piercings give me the heebie-jeebies!

Amy said...

Our answers are so similar. Too funny.

Great answers!!


Joyce said...

I'm with you on #1...if I have it in the house I'll eat it. It's best just not to buy in the first place. My kids were home for Christmas though so they led me astray : )

Loved The Blindside!

Bev said...

Well, I'm right there with you on a few - M&M's (peanut), reading the Bible through this year, love Sandra Bullock in absolutely anything she's been in - she's hysterical in most but this last one was a slightly different side of her and I was impressed with her acting. Mega tattoos and piercing is going to make for some pretty funny looking grandparents down the road!

Catherine said...

A Mediterranean cruise would be so wonderful!!

Faith said...

Oh susanne, my hubby and I have always wanted to do the alaskan cruise!! I hope your dream comes true.
LOVED your answer for #3....kids..they sure keep us on our toes!
Oh, and if I find the coconut m&m's online I'll send ya the link :)

Cathy said...

I picked Sandra Bullock too. And I would love to take a Alaskan cruise.

skoots1mom said...

aaaahhhh, the Mediterranean would be wonderful...maybe that will be next

kara with a k said...

I love Sandra Bullock too, and I agree she deserves an award for her role in The Blindside.

#12 Hehe. Me too.

crittyjoy said...

I loved the Blind Side. Such a moving story! I am reading through Chronologically this year too. It's is fascinating already...who knew Job happened that early in Biblical history :)

Julia said...

I have tried unsuccessfully to read through the bible in a year. This year I'm going to listen to the bible being read via this website. http://www.dailyaudiobible.com/

Good luck! And keep reading!

Robin @ Be Still and Know said...

Great answers. I don't get the tattoo thing either?????


Heather Smith said...

I love this idea! May have to check this one out next week!

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

I knew books would be high on your shopping preference list!

Musings of a Housewife said...

I love this meme. I wish I could remember to participate. I'm with you on the pizza and the chips and dip. And the M&Ms. And the tattoos. :-)

I'm reading through the bible right now. I've never gotten all the way thru it, but I hope to this time!!