Sunday, October 25, 2009

Talent and Dialing Fingers We Got

Well last year the winner of Canadian Idol was a Southern Albertan fella and last night the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Canada was...

Tara Jean Popowich. Yup, a Southern Albertan dancer! Congratulations Tara!

Here is one of the most powerful dances from the season danced by the top 2: Tara Jean a contemporary dancer and the only time she got to represent her genre, and Vincent, a ballroom dancer who was also incredible.

And for a more fun number, Tara Jean dancing "House" with Everrett, a tap dancer, the fourth place finisher. And for just a small tidbit of info, "House" style of dance has only ever been done on the So You Think You Can Dance Canada stage. Apparently it's very, very hard. Yeah, I'm exhausted watching it.

It was a great season of dance and fun to watch another local area young person come into their own!


Anonymous said...

She is just awesome. I see why she won. Congrats to her. SYTYCD started another season here, much to my chagrin as it is too soo if you ask me, but it's fun. They just picked their top 20 last week so the fun begins this week :) Aloha

Jientje said...

Indeed, amazing!
The SYTYCD series is running in Belgium as well but I don't watch much television, I have not really seen much of it.
Have a great new week Susanne!

Laura said...

I watched this season a few times but didn't see the finale. Thanks for the links. What place did Emmanuel come in? I remember watching him as a figure skater.

Barbara H. said...

Wow, that first one almost had me in tears. Similar to the reaction I had to the "Addiction" routine from out SYTYCD from summer.

I had never heard of the second one -- definitely high energy!!

Do all SYTYCD hosts have long blond hair? :-)