Friday, September 25, 2009

Friday's Fave Five #55

Time for Friday's Fave Five! A time to look back over your week and look for five favorite things out of your week. If you are new, you can click over here for more details and then jump right in. This week I am very thankful for this exercise. There have been a few upsetting things over the last few weeks and this helps me to keep focused on the good things in my life that God blesses me with. After my mom-in-law spent a week in the hospital and then my daughter's car being stolen, I am ready to take note of the good.

1. Praise and worship CD's. When I'm going through a stressful time and things are not going the way I planned or are falling apart, I plug in a favorite CD of contemporary praise and worship or hymns and before I know it, I literally feel myself being lifted up. It reminds me that God is bigger than my problems and that He cares for me, that there is a God who has me written in the palm of His hand and that there is nothing going on that He doesn't know about. Do you know how incredibly much He loves you too and cares about what happens in your life?

2. Kay's safety. While the car being stolen is shocking, infuriating and annoying, it is nothing compared to knowing Kay is safe, praise God, and she was in her apartment sound asleep when the nasty person did their nasty deed. As we told her, a car is a material thing and is replaceable.

3. White Chocolate Lemon Cheesecake. Yum, yum. My mouth waters as I think of it. Refreshing and lucious. Definitely a treat.

4. Doctor's good report. Scarey symptoms for my hubby's dear mom but it turned out with no bad news. So that definitely makes my favorites list.

5. Prayers and support of friends for sure is a favorite thing. Whether they support me in something with encouraging words or sound advice or they lift me up before the Lord, it is always a favorite thing in my life. Knowing I do not walk this path of life alone.

What has been five favorites in your week? Please sign onto Mr. Linky if you've shared in a post and we'd love to come and visit you. Have a wonderful weekend everyone!


Kari said...

God is good.
Glad to hear that your daughter is safe and that it is very true that the car can be replaced.
Also wonderful to know that nothing too serious wrong with your mother in law.
That cake sounds delicious and prayer and praise is always wonderful.
Great Five Susanne.
Happy Friday.

Jientje said...

I'm first!! Well what do you know!!

I agree, this meme is such a great way to see the colorful and the joyful, even when things are not so great. There are so many little things that still make life worth living, if only we can see that. It's a good thing both your mother in law and your daughter are okay now. Things could have been a lot worse, but they're not. Thank God for that, and for all the good friends that cross our path in life.

Have a wonderful week, Susanne!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that everything is okay. And you are so right, it's just a materialistic item. I'm glad to hear about your MIL also. Have a wonderful Friday :) Aloha

Lisa notes... said...

Wow--what a week for you. I'm thankful that everyone is okay in the end. You have a very meaningful list of favorites and a great attitude to see the good in it all. Thanks for sharing!

Barbara H. said...

Music does a lot for my spirit, too.

And you're so right about the car being a material, replaceable thing -- though it is annoying to have to deal with it, I'm so glad Kay was safe.

Good doctor reports are a huge blessing! And I know what you mean about prayer and support of friends.

Melli said...

God is soooo good! I'm sorry about Kay's car - but yes - it's only a thing... and she is safe!

I listen to my praise music all the time... but I know when I'm troubled I realllllly listen... and I am always lifted up too. We are so fortunate to live in a day when we can have a whole concert of praise with us any time we want it!

Good news about your MIL! And that cheesecake sounds a wee bit heavenly!

ellen b said...

Good morning Susanne.
Prayer for each other is such a good thing. Glad you have that support. Good news about your MIL...
I hope you have a relaxing weekend....

elizabeth said...

Poor Kay - we went through an auto theft event about 2 months ago. True that it's a material thing, but it did kind of shake me up a bit. I guess it's just so hard to believe that people can do evil, though we do know it's true and has been true since the beginning of time. A blessing to know she's ok.

Anonymous said...

Oh, some good things this week, Susanne. Good things that you can see through the scary and annoying. And, who knows, the car may be recovered. Hugs.

Carrie said...

I understand exactly what you mean about the praise and worship. I feel the same way (and wrote on a smiliar theme!). Music is definitely a very valid form of ministry!

I'm very thankful to you for hosting this on a weekly basis. It's just my second week but it really did cause me to stop and focus on blessings. So thank you!

Unknown said...

I am sorry your dds car was stolen! But you are is replaceable!

The cheesecake sounds wonderful!

Have a nice week!

Barbie @ Mamaology said...

Sorry to hear your last few weeks have been a bit trying. Thankful that your mother-in-law is well and that your daughter is safe. I hope she is able to get everything taken car of with her car soon (with insurance).

White chocolate lemon cheese cake? Sounds really good:).

Hope you have a good week:).

Brenda said...

So sorry to hear about your daughters car stolen, that is very upsetting. But I am glad you are able to find peace in the Source. Its so good that you can always find joy in the midst of hard times.

Baba said...

Hi everyone, this is my first Friday's fave five..I am having trouble hooking up to Mr.Linky...have a good week-end..

Laura said...

I just went to a Brian Doerkson concert this week and bought his newest CD. So great and so good for refreshing my soul.

Jerralea said...

I love praise and worship music, too. I'd play it all the time if my family would let me.

Sorry to hear of the struggles this week, but glad to hear that all turned out ok. I'm glad Kay wasn't stranded anywhere when her auto was stolen. If you have to be without wheels, home is the place to be.

That cheesecake sounds delish!

TXDidi said...

Oh my, it sounds like your week was quite eventful and yet you had lots to celebrate. So happy that your daughter is safe. Like you said, material things can be replaced.

Islandsparrow said...

A thankful post - it makes such a difference when you know the Lord is in control.

That cheesecake sounds good too - did I miss the recipe??

Karyn said...

SO MUCH to be thankful for - in the midst of stress and worry.

I'm so glad you can find the good in the stressful things you have endured this past week - and very happy that your MIL is on the mend.

I agree wholeheartedly with #1... I find when I am having problems sleeping that putting on a worship CD immediately relaxes me and I rarely make it past 4 songs. Something about the peace that comes when you stop to acknowledge the majesty of God. He is SO good!

I am glad He has given you friends to pray with you and support you when the road gets a little rough.

Faith said...

Praise the Lord for good health reports! and so glad your daughter is safe.
AND WOW susanne!! I JUST finished my fave five and quoted the verse about God writing our names on the palm of His hand...I am not kidding...I even found a picture with the verse on it!!
Mine is now up.....and I'm off to have an eye appt. First one in 3 yrs....!!

Tina Leigh said...

Wow what a great 5!!! So much to be thankful for! Do you have any fav. Singers or groups? Glad your daughter is safe. You have such a positive attitude even in difficult times! Now pass me a slice of that cheese cake!

Jamie said...

That cheesecake sounds amazing!

So thankful your daughter is safe.

Have a great weekend!

Jamie (formerly Purposeful Pursuit)

Linda said...

Your friday list is always wonderful Susanne - filled with so many special things. I didn't know about your daughter's car. What an awful thing I'm thankful, with you, that she is safe. I know she is always covered with your prayers.

Marg said...

Isn't music wonderful? I love it and it can be so soothing and just reduce any kind of anxiety that one may be feeling.
So Sorry about your daughter's car. That can be so frustrating.
Once again, we are so fortunate for a strong faith and support from others rather than basing our hopes on material things.